Provide code for multiple pop-up forms on a page

Hello ,

For our company, we have multiple websites that I would like to collect emails from. 

I just spoke with one of your representatives that each account is only allowed one popup form.  I asked if there were any options to add more but there wasn't. 

Please change this feature so an account would have the ability to create multiple popups  for different websites.


I signed up assuming this was possible. It is more than useful, it is a must.

Brand Strategist

I know this idea has come up in the past, so it's not really "new" but I wasn't sure where to post this. Has any headway been made on allowing users to create different pop-up/fly-out/banner forms that appear on different pages? To clarify - I would like the ability to have a different form on different pages. For example, we have the main company website, but we also have some smaller websites for very specific projects with very specific audiences for which I would like to create a pop-up or fly-out form that would allow users to sign up for a mailing list of resources specific to that project. Because there is no specific inline code for these types of forms and because there is only one universal code per overall constant contact account, if I create a flyout form for my smaller project-based website, it may randomly pop up on my company's main website because they both use the exact same universal code. This is, to say the least, very frustrating.  I was hoping to be able to utilize the pop up or fly out form for my smaller website because it can be closed out and it doesn't take up real estate on the page for which it is intended. It looks like I'll probably be forced to create an in-line form for the page.

Are there any future plans to allow these types of forms to be placed on an single webpage or website without them popping up in places where they are not wanted/needed and may make no sense?

Brand Strategist


Ultimately, I'd recommend sticking with either just a banner, a pop-up, or a flyout - having multiple active and installed on a site will just become cumbersome or turn away potential signees.



In regards to your statement above, I feel principe's issue may be the same that many others of us have run into. We have multiple forms because they target specific pages/websites with specific audiences. 

I am running into this issue right now. Our company has a main website, but we also have some smaller project based sites with very specific audiences. I wanted to create a pop up form for one of my smaller project sites to allow people to sign up for a mailing list for resources specific to that project. The issue I ran into, of course, is that when i created and published a fly-out  form that I created for that specific site, it started showing up on somewhere on my main website. I had 10 people sign up on it in the 15 minutes or so I had it active. I know the signups weren't coming from the smaller website for which the form was intended because that site is not live just yet. I really like the look of the flyout and the fact that it can be closed out and does not take up real estate on the page, nor does it direct users to an outside site to fill out the sign up form. But it looks like I'm stuck using either the inline form or the landing page form. 

Please give serious consideration to adding this feature for flyout/pop-up/banners forms. Judging from what I have seen in the community, it looks like this is a source of frustration for quite a few. 

Constant Contact Partner

I'm new to Constant Contact and have multiple websites under our account, and I was shocked to have the same issue others have addressed above. Has any headway been made in the year+ since the last update? This seems like an obvious thing to address given the multitude of use cases and is the first real roadblock I've run into with CC over other similar services. 


For those managing multiple sites, have you determined a work-around? I'm considering using another service for our auxiliary websites, what have others done?

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