Quality of image is low when auto converted from PDF

Every time I upload PDF files to show in the body of an email they appear extremely fuzzy even though they are high res files. Hope you're able to improve this soon. Thanks.

Reduced file PDF loses its graphics when I dragged them onto your page. My original PDF is too big, above your 5MB limit. Any solution?
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Hey @PQCanyon, when you say you are dragging the PDF graphics onto our page, what is the process that you are taking? Are you trying to import your PDF into your Library or are you trying to create a campaign from your PDF? If your PDF is reaching our maximum file size, I would suggest trying to compress it or save the file as a slightly lower quality to see if will save as less than 5MB. 

resolution become super low after importing any size of image to CC. Please fix soon or i will switch to another provider
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Hello @Yue-SaiK

I'm very sorry to hear that your image is uploading with a low resolution. I'm interested in hearing more about this issue. What type of format is your image saved as? Where was your image created? 

We do have an article that does go over how to prepare images for upload. Have you tried uploading your image with the format that we suggest? 

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Thank you for this feedback! I will be opening up this topic to our voting section so users like your self can vote and comment on this idea!

Low-quality is shown, even though it's a high-quality pdf
Marketing Legend
When creating an email from a PDF, is there any way to get the PDF to appear less pixelated?? Every time I use this option, the image looks awful. Even if I create the PDF myself, there is something about your converter that just totally blurs it and makes it extremely hard to read if there is any text involved. Please correct this!!
Status changed to: Acknowledged

Same problem, uploading high quality high res pdf to your "create email uses imported PDF" and it comes out looking fuzzy when you import it. I don't want to do extra steps to to make it look good, should upload seamlessly. 


Has this been corrected? I am trying to upload a PDF and I am having the same issue. 

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