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The option you have for RSVP don't always fit our design needs. We love the idea that CC can collect RSVPs but would rather an RSVP button on the body of the email. 


Additionally we are a large firm sending verifications to CEOs or SVPs isn't ideal when sending a message if it is coming from the Hines email it should be already be verified. 

Status changed to: Gathering Information

Hello @AmberM41 ,


Regarding the portion for RSVP, you could setup something more within the body of the email, using a combination of text blocks and buttons, and then have your buttons simply link to a custom landing page that you setup as a thank you / choice confirmation page


Is there some other functionality you'd be looking for in regards to RSVP being further blended with other action blocks? Is there some type of customization or general aesthetic you're able to achieve using regular action blocks, that the specialized RSVP block isn't able to?


Regarding the verifications element, can you elaborate on this point any further? Is this in regards to setting up email addresses to be verified on your account for the sake of setting up From/Reply-To and account billing addresses? Or is this regarding your account's email self-authentication for deliverability?


If the former, how do you feel the process should go to securely establish an email address as verified on account, for both the account and address' sides? 


If the latter, how often are you sending using your CEO and other VP's addresses as opposed to your regular From address? Which method of self-authentication are you using?

Status changed to: Closed - Not Enough Information

Thank you for taking the time to leave us your feedback. We haven't heard back from you so we are going to close this idea. We will leave it open for comments in case you are able to provide us with the requested information.

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