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The new survey update eliminates several types of questions! We regularly use the "rate items on a scale" and "rate items numerically" options. Why did these go away and do you have a suggestion on how to reword these types of questions to make them work? VERY disappointed in the update - while it says it's meant to be easier, I actually find it more difficult to use and will continue to use the Legacy version until it is phased out and then I will probably switch to Survey Monkey.


First time using new survey tool. What happened?! Very little functionality like the legacy survey.

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Hi @SoCalHimssTeam what functionality are you looking to be carried over from the legacy survey tool?

It has only 5 very simple question types.


If I want to say "please rate the following.." I have to do each one as a separate question. I can't list several items with the same rating scale next to them like I did before: 



There's no question type that asks to select your top choices, ex. 3 out of a list of 10. 


Reporting... export only gives raw data in CSV. No longer have the nice Excel pre-formatted report. I had to do screen grabs to send the results to the team. 


Thank you for your reply @SoCalHimssTeam. I'm going to merge your post with a similar idea that is open for voting surrounding the rank question type. In order to track your feedback in regards to reporting, please vote on this idea so if there are updates, you will be notified.

The legacy survey allowed me to put a series of similarly-worded questions in a grid, making them faster to answer. Also, I need to route people to a particular URL after completing the survey, which wasn't an option I could find in the new survey tool. Finally, I have legacy surveys out there that need to live on indefinitely and I don't want to recreate them if they are retired. Legacy surveys work better for me and I'd like to keep them.
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Hi @NorthStarVETS. To make sure I'm understanding your feedback correctly, would you be looking to have a question layout similar to this with answers along the top and options on the left?






Yes, that's exactly the layout that works well for us.


Thank you so much for responding @NorthStarVETS. I wanted to make sure this was tracked correctly on our end. I'm going to merge this post under a larger thread surrounding the request for this type of layout. 


Please add back the function to download overall results.  The way the platform is currently configured we can see overall results but not download.  Only individual raw data can be downloaded at this time. This means we will have to compile and format the data manually, which is challenging with large surveys and a lot of extra work when doing many program surveys.  

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@CarolynS76 is right----PLEASE prioritize updating how we can retrieve results! We need to be able to export all data with each respondent's responses in a single row and each respondent having a row of their own. 


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