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Let me add more now thqat I've had a day to work with all this new stuff that I didn't ask for, or need.


Went to go look at the results today. I see I have a 85 Bounces. When I click on the 85 to go see what all these are about the page I get says I have 20 bounces.


But wait, there is more.


Ifd I change the display to show All bounce types I see there are 85 Contacts with 20 Bounces. I had to get a screen cap of this or now one would believe me.




Being I normally have a bonce rate that 0.5% on avg and this time I have a 1.6% bounce rate I figure I also lost at server roulette again!


I know CC, resend it to those that it should not of bounced. But ya know what, it was timely information that yesterday when I sent the Special Edition newsletter out was importnat. Today, it's like old fish, useless.


Why I bother to share this I'm not sure. I sure am getting miffed at CC.




Can you please let us know if you are still having issues with your bounce reporting, it looks like this issue may have been corrected by our engineering indirectly by fixing the way the reporting is calculated in our system. 



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Status changed to: Functioning as designed
Status changed to: Closed - Implemented
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