Re-Sending Email to Unopened Contacts (Additional Options) and Social Media Publishing Features

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I absolutely love your re-send option to contact who have not yet opened an email sent. That being said, I would love it if we could schedule an email to go out 1 or 2 days after the original email. It would be very useful if we are hosting events and want to send an email with confirmation and/or changes to the event. 


In regards to the social media publishing features, I would love it if we were able to publish the social media posting at the same time as we were to publish the email. I know that  offers this feature and it is a feature I quite miss. Also, I don't believe Constant Contact currently allows us to upload our own image to be published on social media, that would be a very useful tool as well!


Thank you!


Hey Constant Contact, 

I love the option to re-send a campaign to individuals that have not opened the original campaign. However, I can only re-send the campaign up to 7 days after the original campaign date. It would be great if Constant Contact could extend this beyond 7 days! 


Silvi Kastrati

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

We made some updates since the original post:


You can schedule a resend to non-openers between 12 hours to 10 days after the original send date.


After scheduling an email, there is an option to create a social post from an email. Clicking on this will bring you to the Social tab and a new post can be created.

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