Recommended for Removal is confusing

Please remove RECOMMENDED FOR REMOVAL as the DEFAULT category for displayed bounces. If you need a default, it should be ALL BOUNCES. It is a HUGE WASTE OF MY TIME when I have to go back to selecting ALL BOUNCES. All bounces are of concern to me, not just the ones YOU think I should be concerned about. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!! Thanks.

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Thanks for all the great feedback on this topic. A lot of the feedback is from several years ago when we first rolled out our new contacts system. We've made plenty of improvements since then, and as a result we've seen feedback around this lessen. Just to close the loop around some of the original feedback, we've released a change to the reporting pages this week and the bounce report will default to "All Bounces" as opposed to the "Recommended for removal" category. Several other changes were released with this as well including the ability to edit the contact in an overlay without having to leave the report, and better explanations for bounce types on this page which we hope make managing your bounces easier.


Hi Kay,

It sounds like you are viewing only the bounces recommended for removal. Try using the drop down on the right to control what bounces you see.



I want to delete the contacts that bounced back the last time, but cant see how to filter for that?

Thanks for this feedback!

which e-mails are constantly bounce between the undeliverable and the Non existence. if we can we can clean the list and eliminate the bounce e-mails. thank you Issac

Is this option of deleting bounces available?  I do not see it under Contact Management.  Please advise.


I have searched in the discussion board and am trying to track the dates of responses, but it is still unclear.


It looks like there used to be a function under Contact managment to delete bounced emails, but this is no longer available?   Is there an antcipated date of when this will reappear?


Any clear instructions on how to delete bounced email addresses? This effects our pricing plan by keeping erroneous email addresses.


Please advise.


HI Wendy,

You can still remove bouncing email addresses right from the reporting page. Check off all or some of the addresses in the list and use the "Remove Emails" button in the header. You will need to confirm that you understand that these addresses will be removed (unsubscribed) from your account and you won't be able to reimport them.

1-17-2014 8-34-19 AM.jpg


How do I know if the emails I send out are correct? I recv'd an email stating 21 had bounced back. Where do I find this info so I can update them?
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Can't find my email list of bounce reports so I can't manage bounces. When following the FAQ help it doesn't display the list. Please, either change it back to the way it was or give us some new instructions on how to get there.
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please bring back the old method of reviewing your bouced addresses, it was simple and everything could be done from just a couple of windows. This is so time consuming and unclear. PLEASE MAKE IT SIMPLE AGAIN. Thanks
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