Recommended for Removal is confusing

Please remove RECOMMENDED FOR REMOVAL as the DEFAULT category for displayed bounces. If you need a default, it should be ALL BOUNCES. It is a HUGE WASTE OF MY TIME when I have to go back to selecting ALL BOUNCES. All bounces are of concern to me, not just the ones YOU think I should be concerned about. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!! Thanks.

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Thanks for all the great feedback on this topic. A lot of the feedback is from several years ago when we first rolled out our new contacts system. We've made plenty of improvements since then, and as a result we've seen feedback around this lessen. Just to close the loop around some of the original feedback, we've released a change to the reporting pages this week and the bounce report will default to "All Bounces" as opposed to the "Recommended for removal" category. Several other changes were released with this as well including the ability to edit the contact in an overlay without having to leave the report, and better explanations for bounce types on this page which we hope make managing your bounces easier.


Hi Jim,

Can you try clicking the Email tab and then the reports link? You will want to click the hyperlinked number of bounces showing on the right of email name to view the details. 


HI Wendy,

While you are viewing your bounces check off the contacts you want to delete and use the Remove Emails button in the header. 


HI David,

It sounds like you are viewing only the contacts recommended for removal. Use the menu on the right to change the view.


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showing that 35 emails bounced but when i look at list there are only 25 addresses on it. where are the other 10?

Hi LouisCascioO,

It sounds like you might be viewing only the bounces that are "Recommended for Removal". Use the menu on the right to change the information that is showing for you.


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Thanks for sharing all of this feedback with us!

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Need to make the process of cleaning up bounced emails much easier. Need to show company name, return user back to same place on list if click on the account, need to be able to remove info once contact is corrected or delete. TOO time consuming to scroll through hundreds of pages of contacts. Other email contact companies have figured this out. Constant Contact should too.



I'm sorry to hear that this isn't the best situation for you. Could you provide me with what would be the best steps to help you accomplish what you want to do?


To remove a contact, you can uncheck "permission to send" or click the X on the name of the list(s) that they're on from their contact details page to remove them from your lists.


Are you still experiencing slowness?

Mathews Yacht ClubG1609990329
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Says I have 8 bounces but only 5 show in list. How do I know others?

It sounds like you are viewing "Recommended For Removal" only. Use the drop down menu to the right of the bounce list to control what you are seeing. 

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