Recommended for Removal is confusing

Please remove RECOMMENDED FOR REMOVAL as the DEFAULT category for displayed bounces. If you need a default, it should be ALL BOUNCES. It is a HUGE WASTE OF MY TIME when I have to go back to selecting ALL BOUNCES. All bounces are of concern to me, not just the ones YOU think I should be concerned about. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!! Thanks.

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Thanks for all the great feedback on this topic. A lot of the feedback is from several years ago when we first rolled out our new contacts system. We've made plenty of improvements since then, and as a result we've seen feedback around this lessen. Just to close the loop around some of the original feedback, we've released a change to the reporting pages this week and the bounce report will default to "All Bounces" as opposed to the "Recommended for removal" category. Several other changes were released with this as well including the ability to edit the contact in an overlay without having to leave the report, and better explanations for bounce types on this page which we hope make managing your bounces easier.


Hi Dean, 

I apologize for the confusion, It sounds like you are viewing only the email addresses recommended for removal. Use the drop down menu on the right to change the addresses you are seeing. 


11-15-2013 10-27-23 AM.jpg


Thanks for this feedback. One thing to clarify, the bounce screen you mentioned is correct. When you click to view your bounces it will show the are recommended for removal bounces. You can use the drop down on the right to change this information.



The edit and delete button are a little close to each other, to easy to click the wrong one. The site is looking so good loving it!!
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The bounce report is now in the reporting for the individual email campaign rather than in the Contacts.
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Are you just looking at the email details page? Because if you click on the number of bounces from there, it should bring you to the report that shows which addresses bounced and gives you the ability to edit or remove those addresses.
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It says we have 13 bounces but only shows me 8 How do I find the other 5?
Where did it go? Kind of important.

I agree = it used to be so easy to click the Manage Bounces button and there you went - now it's impossible to find and takes so many steps it's ridiculous.


Not a good upgrade.

@LanellS2 wrote:
I am disappointed as you took something easy and managable and made it complicated. Managing bounces used to be a simple click now it is a massive procedure. Not a happy customer

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Even though the e-mail report says that there are 2 messages that bounced, when I click on the 2, all I get is a blank page!


Now, I have been informed that the way to see which ones they are is to click on the drop down menu next to "Recommended for Removal" and choose "All Bounce Types."  That works, but it's extremely annoying to have to take ANOTHER step, just to see information that used to be readily available!


So, here's my suggestion: It doesn't make any sense to have the view default to something that (at least in my case) has NO INFORMATION on it.  It would be MUCH more useful if it defaulted to the "All Bounce Types" view in the first place.  Then, if someone had 600 bounces & they wanted to see only a portion of them, they could then choose which ones they wanted to see.  But I've never had more than 3 or 4, so it's a pain to have to take another step, just to be able to see them!


Plan B?  Go back to the previous version of the site, because this revision has made EVERYTHING *much* harder & more complicated!!!

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