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Register for an event with the same e-mail address more than once

We have an urgent need to have the same people register multiple times for an event. Please allow someone to register more than once. Thanks!

Top Answer

Hi all. We sincerely apologize for the lack of updates for this feature request. Our teams have been hard at work completely revamping our Event tool to create a shared experience and match other areas of the product. We didn't want to share information regarding any kind of requested features within the tool until we were certain that they would actually be included. 


New event campaigns will have more flexible registration options, so you can set up a ticket model event and allow registrants to purchase multiple tickets. We hope to share information with you all very soon and we'll be sure to keep you up to date once we are ready to fully announce what you can expect when creating events.


It would help our company so much if your event campaigns allowed someone to register again with the same email address. We have retreats where people pay a deposit, then a balance due. It's so confusing to them to not be able to enter the same link to pay again...or, they want to register more people, and can't use their same email address. This causes us to have to open multiple event campaigns for the same event, in order for people to be able to get back in to pay or register more people. We deal with groups a lot, who are registering multiple people.


Thanks for your consideration!


Laura Harder

I really appreciate lots about Constant Contact, so will keep waiting for a solution to this problem. Hope it comes soon! 

Campaign Contributor

I agree. One email should be able to go back in to register for more people. We are using the registration for our events. One of our events allows for a person to sign up for a table of 8 people. They want to hold the table but do not always know will be their guests right away. They should be able to go in later and add their guests without having to use a different email address. Alternatively if we could add people on our end without requiring an email this could work as well.


And another vote!


Our company also needs the ability for a person to be able to use the same email address to register multiple persons for our events.  This could cause us to look at other event software if it does not get fixed.  There is no work around either.  

You really should think about allowing the same email address to be used for registering multiple times for the same event/campaign. Not allowing this creates your platform to be unusable for some organizations

Add another to the agrivated customers. You shouldn’t have to fool the system with another email in order to register multiple students or attendees


I have a registrant that would like to add a guest but it won't let me do it. Can the registrant do it? The problem is they both have the same email address so it won't let him register the guest either.


Another vote from me. This is a serious flaw and is impacting on our abililty to run our event. We will be considering other software for future events if this is not fixed (which is a pity because there's a lot to like about CC). 

Marketing Legend

I have read a LOT of feedback for this issue, so I wanted to make sure it doesn't go away! I understand the unique email address thing; however, if WE are managing our events, WE manage that problem. I can't tell you how many classes I don't even bother using CC for because so many of our clients who want to send multiple people to our events, don't have a company email address for their employees - these are HVAC contracting companies, who don't often give their techs an email address...they have an office admin enter in multiple registrants using the admin's email address. I am at the point where I'm going to register them with a fake email address to make it easier for these companies, so we can have techs actually attend our events, and their owners wanting them to attend, rather than being a hassle! Ugh, so frustrating. 

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