Reopen a closed event

Please can you look at providing the option to re-open an event, which has closed.

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Hello @StacieB23241,


I completely understand the frustration and do apologize. At this time we do not have a way to reopen a closed Event. We are tracking this feedback and will keep it in mind when deciding our planning with our Event system. Thank you for bringing this up.


It would nice top be able to re-open an event to extend registration deadlines.

Marketing Legend

this needs to happen. I asked customer support and they suggested exporting to excel and typing that the person attended into the workbook and saving it... totally not a useful response


I agree. I wanted to go in and review/update the discount codes to an event that just passed but there is no way to do so and I need to make sure they are totally updated for next year.

Please make this possible. I'm struggling because I cannot reopen an event today.  

Campaign Contributor

yes, in a spreadsheet input format. I have registered people by going to the registration form. But that is labor intensive and not good for more than a handful of people. 

Constant Contact Partner

It would be helpful if I could rename an event after it's closed. I can rename other campaigns, just not closed events.


I also agree that re-opening a closed event would be very helpful.


Yes, this would be a useful feature. Going through Excel is a fair amount of work for such a simple function.


YES! Please look into the option of re-opening an event after it is closed. This would be very helpful, especially when tracking attendees who want to change their registration information after an event has been closed. 


Agreed. We had a few attendees at our event who had not managed to register officially.  I would like the followup email to go to them, and to count them in our numbers (which we must do for reporting).  Because CC doesn't have an option to go add them retroactively, our whole process becomes more complicated.  (Forwarding them the followup email from my own address?  Never able to run a report that reflects them from CC).

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