Reopen a closed event

Please can you look at providing the option to re-open an event, which has closed.

It would be helpful if we had an option to re-open events. I often have something like a deadline for tickets or event entries and then people want to know if we can extend the date. If the program is already passed, even by a few minutes, I can no longer just turn it back on. If there was an option to do that, it would save me a lot of work (and copying of events.)
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I agree and also would like to have this option.  Frustrating to have to recreate an event when it would be so easy to just extend the end date.


I also need to know if this has changed. When we first created the event we set an end date, but then the event was extended and we did not realize the initial end date was still listed on the "basics" page. It has now changed to closed (even though the event is not complete) and we still need the list of registrants who already registered, as well as to reopen the event to allow more people to register. How can we re-open it?


Wow!!! What an oversight in development in the first place!! And I can't believe it's almost been a year without a solution.


Here I am facing the same issue one year later than this thread opened! I need to re-open as well but can't. can't transfer people to a new event I have to open due to not being able to edit the dates. Poor, poor development and response to correct... please do so ASAP!

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In the section: Do you want registration to close automatically? If you select Yes, at a maximum number of people the event will close at that maximum and will not allow you to open it. I would like the option to open it should I get cancellations and more seats become available or if I have a business sending a confirmed # of 5 people but do not know the names of attendees, I would like to reduce the number of seats and add them when I get them. This would be so I do not over book the event/training. Thank you in advance for considering this option.
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It would be great to be able to re-open an event to register walk-ins for appropriate accounting for # of guests and application of payments for report reconciliation.
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I agree! Or let us open the event back up so someone can register. My events are funded by a grant and we have to gather demographic data from our participants. Sometimes it's a closed event and we already know everyone that is attending, but since I have already created a demographic survey with constant contact, that's what we use the day of the event. Now, I am pretending the event is on a later day and hiding that information from the participants so they can still register. I don't see why I can't choose when it closes, or open it up after it does. 


I agree.  Currently I have to register all walk-ins that day of the event or else I cannot enter them.


I also agree


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