Please allow the Reporting tab to pull any dates you would like not just the last 50 emails.

My company currently uses  and we were hoping to switch to Constant Contact if you had this capability, but apparently your new platform does not. It would be GREATLY appreciated if this was made available again in the near future. I would love to be notified if this change happens anytime soon; I would definitely switch my business over to your company. Thanks - Nick P. **Removed By Moderator**

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Thanks for sharing this feedback, Nick. To clarify, what information would you like to export? Are you looking for email reporting or contact details?

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Information to report: Who Opened, Clicked, which links, mobile/desktop, Name of Campaign.


Should be able to do this for multiple emails for grouped reports (select specific campaigns to be on same spreadsheet) -- most email campaigns have A/B testing these days, requiring at least 2 email campaigns to go together.  



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This should also be doable with contact reports for engagement. 

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Only being able to sort sent emails by date modified and date created (new-old) is very inefficient, Constant Contact doesn't even display these "stats" when the email is moved to sent status!


Even more unfortunate, this tracks over to the functionality in REPORTING!  Reporting gives a glimmer of hope in that it appears to be able to sort by sent day, but this is deceptive.  The 50 displayed are still the 50 most recently created, not sent.  So if you created an email 51 times ago, scheduled it to be sent today, and then sent it yesterday - it 1. wont' appear in reporting and 2. is hard to find within "campaigns"


Real live example: For efficiency, we created a number of emails at the beginning of this year and scheduled them throughout the year, regular updates to clients.  I am looking to run stats on the emails this quarter relative to those earlier in the year.  Obviously, this would be based on sent date.  But I have NO way of sorting by sent date AND a number of the ones that have gone out in just the last month don't even show up on the Report.


When I talked to customer service and suggested that I be able to query in different ways (YTD, sort by sent, pull 200 or 300) the feedback I got was "I have some experience with databases, we have over 600,000 customers and it would overload the system."  So it is the customer's problem that your system can't handle your success?


I'm seriously questioning the design and project management team on this one.  I know CC wants to build out new functions to upsell clients, but the functionality for tracking emails once they are sent has been a serious afterthought.  I asked custome service to flag the file for someone to follow up, as we are looking into our 2017 marketing strategies and if this isn't fixed I need to look for another solution.  The response was, "I can, but it is unlikely that they will follow up with you on functionality requests.".  Nice.  I'm hoping this forum will give me better results, because for the most part I am happy with CC, but this needs to be fixed yesterday...

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I also have some experience with databases, and with some other web-based products that have half a million users; yet they allow us to modify the default views and run custom SQL all day long.  Want a sort by Sent Date?  My choice.  Want Modified or Created or Scheduled Date instead?  My pleasure.  Want Alpha order with the exclusion of anything starting with the letter "S" that also happened to have a Sent Date before June 2015?  A little tinkering to create the necessary filter, but ultimately no problem.


The limitation isn't in what a product with a back-end database can do, but in what the design and programming of THIS product can do.



Wait, so with this re-design, I can now access only the last 50 campaigns' reporting? I need all my old data. If this change was going to be made, you should have advised customers long in advance that they'd lose access to their historical reporting so that we could have downloaded those older reports prior to the release. I can understand limiting the history in a given view, but I think older reports should still be available. Or at least warn customers in advance so that they can catch up their history, and know that going forward they have to download reports within that 50 report window.


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I agree.  Why not consult with users before making these drastic changes?  We often use older events as templates for a repeat of these events, save a bunch of time.  We had over 80 events last year so with only 50, the events at the beginning of our year are gone and I'll have to start from scratch.  Bad idea this version of change.

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