Please allow the Reporting tab to pull any dates you would like not just the last 50 emails.
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I agree completely.  What a mess for us as we are preparing for our new year's list of events and communications.  


I agree this is a huge loss of data for the customer.


Even if we could have downloaded our past stats, those campaigns are still alive and getting new opens and clicks as time goes on.

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Please reinstate the year to date report because it provides the business case for using Constant Contact. A key element in the Year-to-Date Report was the cumulative open rate. At any point in time we judged our success by that indicator. The last 50 is not helpful in its current configuration. It cannot be sorted by date with a day in front of the date. Yes, it is important for us to know the effective days to send emails, but the day could be a separate column AFTER the date. In its present form, the report requires a substantial amount of extra work to present the data we need to sell Constant Contact to the business board of my church. Without the key data by which we gauge success, it is difficult to make the business case. I urge you to provide the practical year-to-date reporting that you formerly offered--and I daresay needed--by most business-minded organizations. C.P., Communicator for corporate-sized suburban church

It would be helpful when we can see how many people unsubscribed in a period of time (like a year), in addition to the raw number we were able to click on that number and see who those people are (and their emails) for a period of time (like a year).
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Is is possible to view Trend Overview by date range, month, quarter etc.? Not just Past "25" "50" Campaigns.
Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

The reporting page used to show your most recent 50 campaigns. This limit was updated to 500 campaigns which should hopefully help review your reporting stats over time.


It would be great if you could filter by date on the reporting page and then be able to select all the campaigns in the result with the click of a button.

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