Request Change to Library List vs Grid Image Display and Notes on "Send Test" Page

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Hi Constant Contact experts,

I have 3 small requests that will make my use of Constant Contact a bit simpler and faster.

1) Is it possible to change the display on the Library page such that it "sticks" on the "grid" display option for images? Currently, when editing multiple images, that display reverts to "list" each time I select an image and move to the next image to insert. I would prefer that it stay wherever I leave it for each login session.

2) In the "Check & Preview" "Sent Test" feature, when adding a "Personal Note", is it possible to send in the format that I type my notes?  We share draft campaigns with the boss for final edits, and it's easier and more understandable to just have brief "bullets" to steer him toward portions in question. The current result displays the notes as a centered paragraph. It works as is, but for reviews, it's a lot easier to look at a list of bullets.

3) Can the "Post feedback in our community" option be added to the "Contact Us" pulldown at the top right of the pages? The "Post feedback..." link appears to be going out to the general Constant Contact user community, which is not my intent, but a 140-character "Chat with us" option is too limited.


Hi @Orbis_Ministries


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! Are you looking to save the display of your library when viewing images through your email campaign or directly in the My Library tab of your account? As for the note in your email preview, you are correct the text in this section does automatically center. Being able to format this text instead is something we would be happy to collect both requests along with use case examples on. 


At this time the "Post Feedback In Our Community" button is available at the bottom of pages in a user's account. If you are looking for this option to also be under the Contact Us tab in your account we recommend sharing your need for it directly on its feedback thread.


We apologize for any confusion there may have been with your feedback being posted in our Community forum. However the wording for this button does say it will be posted in our Community. What about our feedback process would make it clear to users this is what will happen? With that said, we did want to make you aware our feedback process is designed like this so we may gauge interest and users can share their interest in similar ideas. Not only this, but all feedback is read by Constant Contact employees. I apologize while we may not respond to every comment – it is acknowledged and tracked appropriately. In fact, here is a section of our Community that helps explain what we do with our customer’s feedback.

Status changed to: Gathering Information

Reply from @Orbis_Ministries 

Hi Frankie,
I'm asking for the display of the image library to stay where I left it
either in list mode or grid mode, BOTH when viewing images through an email
campaign AND directly in the My Library tab. As I see in other customer
support ticketing systems, it seems that yours doesn't include the user's
original post/request, which it should.

I'm actually asking to post feedback and feature requests directly to
Constant Contact employees instead of to a user forum for discussion or so
you can "collect requests" which seems to me to mean 'we're really not
going to look at doing this until __ number of people have asked for it.'
I'm also asking for "Post Feedback in Our Community" to be BOTH in a link
at the bottom of the page but ALSO up in the "Contact Us" section where it
belongs if I'm trying to contact Constant Contact for support. As far as
asking me to repost my request in another place, that's actually Constant
Contacts job to route feedback and not my job as a customer to enter it
twice, which is an inappropriate request for your company to make.
Thank you.


Hi @Orbis_Ministries


Thanks for following up with this clarification. There are many factors that are used to decide what is added to or updated in our product which can cause us to sometimes not have a timeline for when a feature will be available. We apologize, while a specific number of requests it not required for features, tracks and requests from other customers do help play a role in the prioritization of other ideas. As for adding your request in a specific idea thread, doing so will add you to the queue to be notified when there are any further updates shared. The good news is we have also added you to our queue to be notified when these features are available.


In the meantime we have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in on their need of saving image sorting views as well.

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