Resending to the Did not Open list

Would be nice to be able to re-send an email to those who are on the DID NOT OPEN part of the report

Hi, your team recommends resending important emails to the unopened list a few days after sending an email. I think this is a good practice. Currently, in order to send an email to unopened emails, I have to create a new list from the unopened list and send the email out again as a new email to the the new list. Then delete that new list to avoid confusion in the future. Can you create a resend option that allows me to choose one button to select resend to unopened emails to simplify this process? Thanks, Bob Manley Hermit Woods Winery
It would be great to have a built in option to resend an email campaign to those that have not opened the original email right from the original send's results page. I know currently there is a way to do this but it requires way to many steps and creating a whole new campaign which defeats the purpose for tracking. There should be button to click that schedules an immediate resend to those who have not opened the email so that stats are kept with the original send.
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This has been requested many times.  My guess is constant contact makes money on the additional emails in your list (if in fact you trigger your thresholds) as duplicate emails/contacts in separate lists are added to your total for billing purposes. So if "Janey" is in one list and another and possibly three - you are charged for her three times.(not once).


I need create and  to resend to those on my list that  'unopened' the email. How do I do that. I have spent precious time trying to find out and have come up with no info, very frustrating. And now I have to wait until Monday to speak to anyone and the email was suppose to go out Sunday evening!! Not sure why this is such a hard process. Part of me is ready to quit the whole  thing?


We've always had an auto resend of every email to send 2 days after the initial email. The email is exactly the same, it just sends to those who did not open it within the first 2 days. Currently you do not have this option and if I want to resend I must copy the original email, chang ethe subject and save it as another email (so now my metrics are spread over two different emails). Then i have to create a segmented list from the first email of those who didnt open and then resend. It makes my lists too complicated and does not allow me to send my second email without a lot fo additional work. We've used other tools that provided this automation, so it would be nice if it is something you could implement in the near future.


Thank you,


I apologize if this already exists, but it would be great if it were possible to resend an email to the same list I sent it to previously, but only to the people who didn't open it. Thanks for listening!
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is there really no better way to do this rather than:

1. export all did not open

2. re-import them into a new list.

3. copy old email campaign and send to new list.


If im missing something pls let me know, I hope there is a one-click solution to performing this action.

it shouldnt be a new campaign, just resend the same email to a different list, if possible without exporting and re importing.

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I agree it's a good idea. I'm not aware of a way to do this, other than what you describe above.

create a feature to resend email to anyone that did not open an email.
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