Restarting account is a rip off money grab

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First off, I have been VERY happy with CC and have even been trying to convince my marketing department to switch to CC for their 30K+ subscribers but after this I am **bleep**. I wanted to restart my account so I could show my employer the difference between CC and Campaigner. I called customer service to verify that all my campaigns are still on record. She said yes. I asked what would need to be done to do the $20 plan and that would require restarting my account at $45, log on and delete contacts and then contact billing to refund the difference since I will have no contacts and not sending anything. Billing says can't do that even though the only way to get into system and delete the contacts was to pay. You taxed me $25 and it is not even the $25 I am **bleep** about, it is that I had to pay it just because. You forced me for no reason and that is not right. I am not going back to my employer and going to share my thoughts about CC customer service and policies. Heck, maybe I should just send an e-mail through CC to contacts telling them about this. I am upset and not happy. I want a reply back, email, phone call, smoke signal when you have refunded my money back. I don't want a $25 credit. I want $25 back into my card account. Thank you.
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Hi @DereckS8 I'm so sorry to hear you feel this way about the billing on your account! I can see our Billing Support has followed up with you on this request by email on Wednesday the 24th at 1:53 pm. If you have any further questions please respond to that email directly.

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