Can you make it easier for a customer who unsubscribes to resubscribe? We have a lot of customers who want to resubscribe and your system makes it unusually time consuming and confusing for us and our customers. 

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If I want to prompt recipients to update their email preferences, I can put a clickable custom button in my custom xhtml email. This is great. But...


When recipients get that email, they have to...

[1] click that button

[2] sent to a browser

[3] are told they have to click another button to request an email be sent to them with instructions on how to update their preferences

[4] wait for that email

[5] click the button in that email

[6] sent to a browser

[7] update their preferences

[8] continue receiving more targeted emails, rather than unsubscribing


In an age where positive consumer behavior depends on the amount of clicks needed to complete an action, this is far too many. Steps 3, 4, 5, and 6 should not exist. They should click my button and go straight to my form to update their preferences.


Adding so many steps promotes opting out, rather than updating preferences to better target which emails they receive. It promotes them leaving, not staying.


Please, please, please make the process shorter as I've described. When testing emails, the process is how it should be (steps 1, 2, 7). But live emails at launch follow steps 1 - 7. I don't want to risk step 8 because the process is severely antiquated.


Thank you.




Thank you for posting your detailed feedback, Chris. I can undestand how this process can be difficult for some! Please keep sharing any ideas you have for the future!

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The ability to resubmit/add a person to our distribution listing should be made easier. I should only have to click on a - re-subscribe' or ‘reinstate’ button to reinstate my subscription to the mailing list! Having to locate and complete a form that appears to be unlinked to the process is confusing and not user friendly.
Status changed to: New

Thanks for your feedback on this! Due to CAN SPAM and CASL laws the resubscribe action must come from the contact directly but I understand the need to make these directions more visible. Thanks again!

Status changed to: Voting Open
This is the clunkiest template to work with! It won't preview, and it doesn't look like it gives me an option to enter just a single email to send it to. I have people who previously unsubscribed that want to re subscribe and this is a hassle!
Status changed to: Closed - Implemented
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