SHARE Lnik DoesNot Contain Co. Info or Unsubscribe Button

The SHARE link which I often use, for years now has contained no identifying information about whose news letter it is (our company name and address is left off of it) and also has no Unsubscribe button. I believe this is actually against anti spam laws. I never knew about this portal to launch complaints but now that I do I am letting you know.

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Hi @LizB571 thanks for sharing this feedback with us! The email shown through the shareable URL is not actually being sent to a contact's inbox directly through Constant Contact causing it to not have a unsubscribe button on it. This webpage version is a public URL causing its viewers to not always be contacts who are subscribed to your mailing list. On the other hand, what are some cases where you would want the footer to display on the webpage version of your email campaign?

Campaign Contributor

Hi Frankie,

Regardless of whether or not it is being sent though Constant Contact, you TREAT it as if it were being sent through Constant Contact because if someone marks you as spam via the Share link, it automatically Unsubscribes the person who distributed the Share link even if they dont want to be Unsubscribed!  This was explained to me by a manager at CC and happened to someone on my list recently who no longer is able to receive my news letters.

Re: Where would I like to see my info?  In the usual place it always is, at the bottom of the email or in this case Share link.

Also if you are going to automatically unsubscribe someone who sends that link out to someone who marks it as spam, then you SHOULD have an Unsubscribe button contained within the Share link.  To not have the Unsubscribe button but to then automatically Unsubscribe the person who inadvertently sent it to someone who marked it as spam is covert and not a good business practice because you then not only reduce the size of the persons email list, but frustrate the person who was unsubscribed without wanting to be and also the person sending out the news letter...the person has no idea they were just unsubscribed from a news letter they want to receive and most times dont even know they were unsubscribed as was this case...I didnt know either until it became obvious by his emails to me.  Rather than using the excuse that "they are not on your email list therefor it is not our responsibility" or whatever you had in mind to blow this very valid concern off, I think this issue should be dealt with internally at CC and corrected.  After all, FB posts are not on your email list, neither are Tweets and other social media platforms.  Also the re-posting of those Share links actually can GET new subscribe-ees.  I think you should give this valid comment more credence rather than state the obvious, that they are not on my email list and therefor insinuate this is not of concern to CC for that reason.  That is the wrong approach to getting this problem fixed.  It sounds to me like you are just blowing it off...not cool.  Please pass this problem on to the appropriate department so it can be corrected.  Thank you

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Hi @LizB571 Apologies for the delay in our reply. I wanted to clarify how the link for your campaign is being shared. Is the contact forwarding an email to someone in their address book by using the forward button in their email client? Or are they using the social share button at the bottom of an email?


If the email is forwarded by your contact and the new recipient clicks Unsubscribe, the original recipient will be marked as Unsubscribed as the email contains code that links the campaign to the original recipient. This is why we have put the social share block into the cross-platform editor.


Using the Share This Email button sends a link of the campaign to the forwarded contact and doesn't contain any links that would cause the original contact to be unsubscribed as would happen if it was manually shared through the email client. I would recommend using this button maybe higher up in the email and include some small text to ask contacts to use these buttons to share the email with others.

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Thank you for taking the time to post in the Community. We haven't heard back from you so we are going to close this idea. This doesn't mean that we aren't listening to your feedback! Please feel free to comment or vote on any of the other open ideas to let us know what you would like to see.

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