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it's very frustrating to have to search the board for a template as they can't be saved in any order, category or such. please can you add this?

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It would be most helpful if you gave customers the ability to create a folder full of emails that will be reused. I have a couple of different departments using this site, but I'm the only one who will be designing the emails. The idea is to create an "arsenal" for each department to draw from so that they don't have to keep copying then sending an email. Ideally, they should be able to choose which email they want to send, title and send.
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There are some email I want to us each month such as: Notification of our monthly meetings. I don't want want to type it over each month only change the date and time. Why can't we set aside certain such as the DRAFT emails in one area so we can quickly find them instead of going through all prior email. This would be a great help.

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What would really take care of this request is making it possible to SAVE a 3GE email that has been customized as a real template. This was a new great - an unbelivably WOW! - feature unveiled on 2GE in mid-2016. It was a game-changer! So very cool and I started offerning this as a service to my customers - either building a CUstom Template for thme OR training them on how to do it. Then in about Augsut 3GE became a viable choice and I moved clients to that platform. It has been getting better and better! BUT it still does not have the ability to SAVE AS TEMPLATE like 2GE ... and it wasn't even mentioned as something they are working on in the 2017 Kickoff.  
PLEASE make it happen! 

I would really like the ability to save my templates so that I don't have to copy previously used emails. I want the main structure of the template to be preset and then each email will be customized for what it needs. I want to make sure that my emails don't "evolve" into something else overtime being a copy of a copy of a copy, etc. THANKS!

I wish there was a "page" that would contain template email blasts that I've created and branded to re-use. I have a template created, but I have to search in the campaigns list every time to make a copy of that template and start working on it. I wish there was an easier way.

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DaveB791 - There is a simple workaround for this. Customize a template the way you want - but don't send it. Save it as a DRAFT, then go to your DRAFT folder and look for the one you need each week or month. To find it, go to Campaigns, and on the left side look for Status > Drafts and you'll easily find your templates. 

Make one for each use, e.g. Monthly Board Mtg., Program Promo, Monthly News, etc. Name them Monthly Board Mtg.-COPY, Program Promo-COPY, Monthly News-COPY, etc. to remind you to rename it and not edit that copy. 



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In the second generation editor, we were able to create multiple customized templates, which we could access under "create" then "saved templates". This wonderful function seems to have disappeared in third generation. PLEASE bring that back. At any time someone can accidentally send a what was meant to be kept as a draft, and then the template would be gone. With multiple users across an organization, this is a real problem!
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I have not fully switched to the 3rd gen editor but seeing this discussion gives me one more reason to hold off.


Can someone tell me what it means for an idea to be certified great?

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JulieL34 - don't avoid using the 3rd Gen Editor!! There are many more positive things you'll experience in 3GE than whatever reasons you are holding onto in 2GE! I have heard that saving templates in 3GE is now in Beta testing, so it may not be much longer. Use the workaround I described above and get started in 3GE! It is very easy to use and there are so many new features there... and it is a completely superior experience for your readers.  Remember the goal is to engage your readers, and 3GE will help you do that easier.

I agree - it would be nice to know what it means for CTCT to label something a Certified Great Idea!

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