Schedule the same email multiple times

1. I would like to Preview and Edit at every step of the way, even after scheduling a broadcast newsletter. 2. I would like to schedule the same newletter on 2, 3, 4 or 20 times per year. EX: Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly , etc.

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So many requests to be able to schedule an automatic email to send daily/weekly/monthly.

How do we get CC to add this?  It is needed and shouldn't be too difficult, not?


It would be extremely helpful to have a scheduling feature that included weekly/daily or multiple resends of the same campaign to the same emails. I am copying and sending the same campaign over and over again. 

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Are you listening?

Why not create a calendar for multiple  posts the first time you schedule your message?

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Hi everyone,


Thank you all so much for taking the time to explain to share your feedback on this feature request. We’ve compiled and discussed this feedback you’ve shared internally. There are no immediate developments pertaining to this request, but we are continuing to share the feedback and use cases discussed here including if the current "Resend to non-openers" helps fit the user needs? If not, why? Along with how users want to use this type of feature? In the meantime we will also mark this as Acknowledged and will post any updates we may hear from our teams.


I send out reminders every week to my American Legion subscribers that remind them the day before a scheduled recurring event happens.  On EVERY Wednesday I send out a reminder that on Thursday we will be hosting Bingo and Texas Hold'em.  I would like the ability to just schedule that email to go out EVERY Wednesday, and NOT have to copy and schedule it 52 times.  The ability to RESEND to NON OPENERS is not what people are asking for here.  We want to set a reminder/campaign up ONCE that will repeat on the certain criteria we select:  Example - Bingo Reminder  Send at 7am every Wednesday.  Karaoke Reminder  Send at 7am every Thursday.  Trivia Reminder  Send at 7am every third Thursday (or even give me a calendar that I have to click each day I want to send the SAME campaign).  Thanks

Paul McBride  Public Relations Officer American Legion Post 153 Olathe KS

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Another one -- exactly Julie -- this must be such a common request -- yet still not available.

I have to manually schedule the same reminder email every week. Ugh.


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Our neighborhood Association caters to a small community of seniors and active residents who live on our Peninsula.


We inform or residents with email blasts about upcoming events like concerts, Santa Village, Etc. We have found that 2-3 reminders (email blasts) are helpful in getting a good attendance. Right now I create an email blast with the reminder date and I might send it out 2 weeks before hand. I then do a copy of the email blast and schedule it for a date closer to the actual date of the event. I would like to see a feature that allows me to schedule the blast based on a selectable date calendar.


Say its Nov. 17th, 21st and 30th. I want to build one blast and choose to have it go out on those dates. What do you think? 

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I know that you can copy an existing email, but my thought was to have a way that you can set multiple dates for an email to be sent with the same contact lists selected. For example, if I have a promotion that I would like sent out 4x in 1 month, I could select the contact lists once and set all reoccurring email dates all at once. 

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