Scrolling while editing block causes toolbar to disappear

Could this function float so it's nearer to the work you're doing? It used to! For example, if it's a long block and I want to save it, I have to scroll and scroll up to be able to save or exit the block. Also, when I edit a block and click on it, I have to start at the top and move down to where I want to place something. I wish I could click where I want to edit and it would take me there automatically.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hello @SusanB60,


Thank you for providing this feedback! I've passed it along for voting.

Status changed to: Closed - Indirectly Fixed

The editing toolbar disappearing when scrolling has been fixed with the introduction of our cross-platform editor. Now when scrolling, the toolbar will move and display at the top or bottom of the screen to make it easier to edit your campaigns and format text without need to scroll back to the top of the block.

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