Searching Campaigns is a Mess!

I am very unsatisfied with the constant changes to the UI, now thumbnails don't even show, and still to this day 2+ years later, I have continued to bring up how the search is faulty. Please stop trying to add new things and fix what is already here. A search that filters from new to old and a search that can bring up all campaigns with a certain word. Please, do right by your customers and provide a system that works.

Campaign Collaborator

Also, now with the new change to the image, I am no longer able to delete an image from our folders on the website. We used to be able to delete, but now I have a ton of photos in my folder I no longer need and have to cipher through. All of this is mentioned to support yet they keep saying we are working on it. I doubt it because other things are being put into fruition except what we have always complained about.


Hi @SamirG70

Thank you for sharing this feedback with us. We apologize you are unable to work in your account as easily as you should. However all three experiences are things we are in the process of tracking with our product team. In fact we recommend sharing your feedback for these items directly on their idea threads:

Status changed to: Closed - No Action
Brand Visionary

I see that customer complaints are closed with "no action". How appropriate. Absolutely pathetic interface.


Hi @PattyB18

This post was closed as no action as there are already existing idea threads for the requests of the original author of this thread. With that said, we can see you have also shared feedback in a thread of your own. We will continue to assist through that thread directly.

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