See open and click percentage on the summary page through the app

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The percent open and the percent clicks are key metrics - please put them back into the app reports. I have to do the math myself at this point

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Hi @NadineB47. Thank you for posting and I can see how having percentages would be useful in your mobile reporting. I have opened this idea up for voting. 


While the Constant Contact Iphone App looks good, your change a couple months ago stopped showing %  figures and only shows numbers of Sends, Opens, Clicks, etc (see pic below).  We retailers think in terms of % opens and % click (and to a lesser degree % bounces and unsubscribes). Please add % back, as you do on this PC version.  This cannot be that difficult!    Major omission which needs correcting!  


CC add percentages back.png



Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

Thanks for the feedback, the open and click percentages were added back to the mobile app earlier this year.

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