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See who is Unsubscribed

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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

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How can I tell which contact was not added without going through the whole list and checking. Additionally when I search and find a contact it doesn't display which list they are on without opening it.
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When adding a group of contacts, if one is unable to be added, it will tell you which is great. What it doesn't do is tell which one couldn't be added or I simply can't figure out how to find out. Unless you're sticking with the new changes specifically for ease of your use on the back end, it's rediculous to keep the new changes when so many people dislike it so much. Just a thought...

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IMHO, Constant Contact doesn't care about their customers. Why else would they make it so hard for us to perform routine tasks? 

Hi - I used to have the capability after uploading a list of seeing who had previously unsubscribed so I could notate it. I'd like to be able to see that again. Right now just saying one person previously unsubscribed from a 1200 person list doesn't help me. Will we have that again?
How can I find names of those contacts that could not be added to my imported contact list?
How do I find out which contacts could not be added? Thanks, Sandy
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I need to be able to view the list of previously unsubscribed contacts from the Activity page when uploading new contacts. I was able to do it before this redesign that added so useful features I've been asking about for years but also made the site much less user friendly and very slow. Not happy at all even with the new features.
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This is very frustrating and is a drag on productivity.
In the past, when I added a list of names, I was able to see which contacts were not added to my list (since they had previously unsubscribed). I don't see how to access that information in the new format. For instance, I just added a list and can see that 14 contacts were not added -- how can I find out which 14 have opted out?
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Importing list to CC - error message displays. The errors are collective to our account, not showing specific errors to that specific list that was imported. Can we please just see those errors specific to the imported file?
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