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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

You need to go back to the old system ASAP. 1. If I add an unsubscribed contact it doesn't let me know who it is so I can take them off of the original database I pull the information from. The old system used to make that information available. 2. I want to manage my contacts from the company database that manages all aspects of the company - not through Constant Contact. We only want Constant Contact for e-mail - not contact management. 3. The layout is horrible. So difficult to use / understand.
Under the "old" contact management system, when a list was imported, I would get a list of the contacts which could not be added because they had opted out / unsubscribed. I could copy and paste that list so that I would know who I might need to contact in other ways. Now I can only see the number of contacts that were not added on the Activity page. To get that same information, I have to export my entire unsubscribe list, download it, and sort it by "Updated at." WHAT A PAIN. Please make this information more easily available (as it used to be!)
In the past after the upload I was able to see a report of those e-mails that were "blocked or unsubscribed". With the upgrade that you did I'm told this tool is not available and I have to "manually" find the names? Why would this tool have been taken away? HOw quickly can it be added back in?

I used to be able to find a list of emails that bounced when I uploaded our members' emails in the Activity section. I would use that report to catch when members left their organization so we could keep our records updated. Not that is not available or has been moved and I cannot find where it is!


Don't even know why the system was changed. It was simple enough before.

I have multple accounts with Constant Contact and had been working with the program for many years. Ever since you changed the interface, I've had problems. Yesterday I spent 20 minues waiting for a customer service chat, after which I was told that there was no one to help me. Then I spent another 10 minutes finally getting someone on the phone, telling me I had to convert my file to csv in order to import it. That worked. But it didn't allow me to put it in the mailing list I wanted. I had to manually move them into the correct mailing list. That was fine yesterday. Today I'm importing contacts into an account with multiple mailing lists. I was able to import it, but it didn't go to the mailing list THOUGHT I was asking it to import to. I now don't know where my contacts went and to what mailing list. I now have to do a search for the 1,000 names I just imported. In addition, I was told that 13 contacts couldn't be imported because they opted out. But it doesn't tell me WHICH 13 opted out! How can I amend my lists??? I just want to be able to copy my contact e-mails into CC and paste it into a specific mailing list, like in the old interface. I don't want to be forced to upload a file. And I don't want to be forced to manually search for them. This new system sucks. If it doesn't improve, I will seek out a new e-mail service.
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when i upload a list to CTCT and the report gives me the results it doesnt specify which email is unsubscribed.
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Who needs to vote. This was a feature that was on the site before the changes were made and it was removed with no reason given. It should simply be re-added so we can use it as we have for the last 7+ years.
HATE the new contact system and HATE that changes are implemented overnight without any notice. I could quickly move throughout the contact system effortlessly before and it takes me forever to do the same tasks now. I work extremely hard during the day and have to juggle a number of hats. The last thing I need when I log on to this application is to have to learn something all over, especially when nothing was wrong with the old way of doing it. I've said this before, if/when you change with something, don't make a DRASTIC change and give us advance notice OR send around a SURVEY and ask us if we think we NEED a change!!! Nope, I'm not a happy camper over it.
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It would really be helpful to know who did the unsubscribing for a particular contact. We occasionally have had people "opt-out" and move to the "Do not mail" group in the old system. It was a nuisance when they later changed their mind and wanted to start receiving emails. We're still not clear on how the new system works if someone unsubscribes themselves. Main concern: if we don't know they were the ones who took themselves off the list, we might inadvertently add them to a new list, not knowing they don't want any contact. If it's clear they unsubscribed, we can contact them individually to find out.
By viewing who opted out, we can then send them a hard copy of the information we are sending. Some people may have opted out a while ago and if we haven't sent them info in a while we won't know that they are off our list. If we can't see who they are, they will not receive our information, even through the USPS.
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