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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

My list was organized by date of entry with some important exceptions. I can not find the new lists I created.
this was previously available and would appreciate being able to see that report again. did it move to another window? thanks
Constant contact still reports how many contacts have unsubscribed after each upload of contacts but... Please return the function of being able to see which contacts have unsubscribed after each upload of contacts. This specific list is needed to reconcile each unsubscribed contact to another database. Unfortunately it would take hours each week to sift through the Unsubscribed list that includes all the unsubscribed contacts throughout the history of my organizations use of Constant Contact.
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I used to be able to see which email addresses were not uploading due to errors (unsubscribe, invalid) but now I can't. That information is imperative to making sure our database is up-to-date.
Changing the activity report to only show a "number" of issues versus which items are involved with those issues really screwed things up from the users perspective. We really need the option to view the items that are being reported as issues! Please give us back the option of viewing the issues and not just viewing the number of issues! The number doesn't help us at all...need to see the contacts that are issues!
Why can I only see the last few activities - what if I need to look back further? I need to see activities in November to be sure that a particular list was uploaded - but I can no longer see that - is there a way to see further than 5 items back??
I don't understand the changes, nor do I see them as productive. For example, the "Growth by Source" form gives me all sorts of shiny numbers, but I can't a actually learn anything about the contacts in those categories. More specifically, I can see 2 new contacts have signed up via the Web Signup Form, but I have NO WAY TO ACTUALLY SEE WHO THOSE CONTACTS ARE. If there is a way to actually see those contacts, it's un-intuitive and I can't figure it out. Also, on the "Activity" page, I can see that certain contacts were not added due to prior unsubscribe I also cannot see who those contacts are. In the old interface, I could. Now I cannot. What's the point in showing these numbers if I can't do anything useful with them?
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After uploading a list with the old contacts page, on the activity screen, it automatically listed all contacts that couldn't be added because they previously unsubscribed. This new contacts feature does not allow this. It only says, for example: "5 contacts were un-subscribed and could not be added to a list." (or whatever the number is after uploading). You cannot view who these unsubscribers are. If they reported as spam, understandable, I know CTCT never showed us this. However, we are able to see all our unsubscribers in the account, so we should be able to see the unsubscribers that were on the list we just uploaded. I'm not sure why you took this feature out, it was very helpful. I know we can receive unsubscribe reports weekly, etc but this helps even more with keeping track of unsubscribers. Please bring this feature back -- where you can see previous unsubscribers from the specific list you are uploading. Thanks.
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I completely agree. I posted a comment on this as well (didn't see this one yet). We need this feature back, it is very helpful to know what unsubscribers are STILL on that specific list so we know to remove them from our personal database.  

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You CAN see the errors, you have to go back to the contacts page, look on the left and I believe it says "errors". You can correct them right there on the spot. However, you CANNOT see the contacts who have previously unsubscribed that are on the list you just uploaded. It just tells you the number of people who previously unsubscribed. With the old way, it listed all the previously unsubscribed contacts. This is what you need to bring back. Thanks.

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