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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

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Some names that appear on my Weekly Contact/Subscriber activity email do not show in my primary (main) subscriber email list. When I check that subscriber's contact profile the email list to which they subscribed is not included in their email lists section. This is a problem.
It is very time consuming to have to click inside each sent email to view it's unsubscribe report. I need to be able to view unsubscribe reports for multiple emails at the same time. Using the current set up, if I send 8 emails a month, the only way I can see the reason someone unsubscribed is to click through and view 8 individual unsubscribe reports. There should be a separate unsubscribe reporting area, that functions much like the contacts section, where it shows ALL unsubscribes (including reason); allows you to filter by date of unsubscribe, associated email campaign, etc; and export.
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In the past I could easily see at a glance how many new users were added to a mail list, how many unsubscribed and how many were were just bad addresses I removed. This new reporting doesn't have than info any more. At least not in an easy to use easy to see manner. Every time I use CC lately i become less and less happy with the site and the service. I will be looking at other services.
Would like more detail, as was available in the old system, for contact imports with issues. Now I get only" This job had ## issues: ## contacts were un-subscribed and could not be added to a list." Would like to see the address to ensure that my external list is up to date. This message was received in a bulk upload of contacts from a spreadsheet.
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We need to know which email addresses you deem "Unsubscribes" are still on our internally maintained contact lists. There is no way to see which unsubscribes are being rejected by your system. We would like to delete them but there is no way to obtain this information now.
Until now, I was able to see the name, email address, and reason for each person unsubscribing. Is it a bug, that My Reports indicates that 1 person unsubscribed, but when I click on Unsubscribed, the listing shows nobody?
I'm importing a list of multiple email contacts from an Excel file. The contacts signed up in-store for a special promotional event and gave us permission to email them now. They previously unsubscribed to one of our emails in the past... but we now have written permission to email them. How do I see which contacts are being rejected when I import a list because they previous unsubscribed? And how do I tell Constant Contact to remove them from the unsubscribed list and allow them to be emailed again? There needs to be some way for me (the business) to re-activate unsubscribed emails instead of having to contact the customer and make them re-submit their email online... having to contact the customer and forcing them to perform a process in order to allow them to receive email from us might be considered a hassle to some. Our first priority to our customer is for them to have an easy and pleasant experience with us. They should simply be able to tell us that we can email them again and let us do all the work to make it happen! Making the customer work for what they want is very poor customer service!!!

Today, the next day, I retried. And now I DO see the name and email address of the person who opted out. So it was either a momentary problem or was fixed.  Regards, Rick

I hate this format. I can't find out what groups they were in previously. I want the old format back where I could find out what is going on. Why would you remove something so necessary?
This is a crucial feature for our work!! We do giveaways and sometimes people will unsubscribe between the time they enter the giveaway and the time they have won. If they are chosen as a winner, we need to know that they have unsubscribed b/c we will remove them from the winners list since we have no way to communicate with them. PLEASE BRING THIS FEATURE BACK ASAP.
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