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See who is Unsubscribed

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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

When uploading it would be really helpful to be able to see who has unsubscribed so we can make sure not to include them in any future uploads.
On the Reports screen, where it tells you how many unsubscribes you have, it would be wonderful to have that a clickable link so you can actually see who the unsubscribes are. It would make it faster than having to search the contacts for that particular unsubscribed email, and then having to click on that email in order to see that they are truly unsubscribed.
Not sure why this feature was taken away with the new design.. but please add it back. It is very convenient, when adding a file with hundreds of new trade show leads, to easily be able to see who has unsubscribed so my sales reps can focus on the many others who have NOT unsubscribed... Please bring back this feature... Thanks!
Campaign Contributor
After uploading contacts, cannot obtain list of those rejected as unsubscribes. Please correct.
Campaign Contributor
I just uploaded my 18 renewal lists. 6 of my renewal lists reflect current members in my organization. Constant Contact does not have a way for me to see who has unsubscribed when I upload a list...thus I can not call the current active member of our organization and fix the problem. Many unsubscribe to one email such as conference emails because they think, "I will not be going to the conference," but don't realize that they are actually unsubscribing from all emails. We no longer have a way to make corrections. The new Constant Contact is also falling short in a number of list management areas including the ability to select multiple lists using a check box and clear the contacts from multiple lists at once. The new Constant Contact has so far been very disappointing for our organization. It has less direct marketing functionality than the former version. really a shame.
Marketing Legend
How do I find out who was not added (opted out) Please bring back the feature! Message after importing contacts: This job had 1 issue: One contact was un-subscribed and could not be added to a list.
Marketing Expert
Activity used to tell me if there was any problem with an input from a file. I don't see where this new??? format will do that.
Marketing Legend
Agreed! This feature WAS useful and important to us, but now we have no way to know who isn't getting our emails. Please bring back this feature!
Campaign Collaborator
When someone unsubscribes from our general list, and then resubscribes by paying online through EventSpot, I receive NO notification that they are not on the list, even though they opted to be on the list, and paid for it! So they pay for something, don't get any emails from us, and email me understandably angry and wondering what is going on. Please help!
Why would Constant Contact take away a valuable report that their clients use and then make you "vote" for it to maybe get it back? Doesn't make sense. Please bring back the formatting that allowed the user of your site to manage their lists. I need to know who has unsubscribed so I can make notes in the database to quit trying to email them....
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