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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?


Constant Contact keeps track of contacts who opt-out of your emails. You can export a list of these contacts for your own personal record or to get a better overview of how your list is doing.

For specific instructions on how to start, click the image below that best matches yourContacts page.

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Improved Contacts Page
New Contacts Experience

Why are there two sets of instructions? We're in the middle of providing all of our customers with enhanced contact management, reporting and new features. As a result, for a limited time you may be seeing one of two possible pages. By showing you both sets of instructions, we make sure you have the help you need.

Previous Contacts Page

A copy of the Do Not Mail list can be exported using the following steps:

  1. After logging into Constant Contact, click Contacts > Export.
  2. Select "Do Not Mail List" from the drop-down list.
  3. (Optional ) Select Sort by date.
  4. Check "Opt-out Reasons" under Information to Export.
  5. (Optional) Select any additional contact details that you would like to export by checking the appropriate boxes.
  6. Click Export as CSV or Export as Text.
  7. Click Open or Save to copy the export data to a file on your computer. The default file name will be "export" so you may wish to change it.

The export is usually processed within an hour, but this does vary by list size and details.You can track the progress of an export if you are experiencing delays.

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Improved Contacts Page

Just follow these steps to export a copy of your unsubscribed contacts:

  1. After logging into Constant Contact, click Contacts.
  2. In your left-hand menu, click the "Unsubscribed" category.
  3. Select all of the email addresses that displayed by clicking the check box in the upper-left corner of your results.
  4. Click "Export" in the menu.
  5. Click Export.
  6. Click "You can check the status here" in the confirmation message at the top of your screen.
  7. Click "Download Export File - X Contacts" for your recent request. The X will be the number of email addresses you are exporting.
    Note: It may take a few moments for that link to be available. Click the refresh icon in the gray bar for the most updated information.
  8. Depending on your browser, a pop-up message will give you the choice to save or open the file.
  9. Click Save and choose your desktop as the location for the file.


You need download all unsubscribed list and then sort by last field "Updated At"

When I add contacts through a file, it will tell me that 3 of the contacts have been unsubscribed and can't be added. But it doesn't tell me which ones they are, so that I can remove them in my program. That means I'll just keep trying to add them every time. If there is a way we can find out which ones that would be helpful.
Seeing who the unsubscribed people are when you import a file and they don't get added. Before, when you clicked on "activity" and clicked through to the import, you could see the errors and the unsubscribed people. That is very important! It helped me keep our main contact database clean. Also, if one of our big donors has unsubscribed and isn't getting our emails, I want to contact them by phone or snail mail to give them our information and to invite them to resubscribe so they don't miss important message from us.
If I can't see which contacts were not added, I can't tell them about the problem even though they have given permission to be added as contacts.
I tried to updated my list and receive an error that I was trying to update a contact that had unsubscribed. I cannot determine which contact that is in order to update in my customer database.
This is crazy - when I imported a list in the past, if I had 2 people who had unsubscribed you could just click and see their email addresses - now you can't. This is super irritating because now I don't know who isn't receiving the email. Please put this featured back
Campaign Expert
When looking at the activity page the message Contact Import failed is a meaningless message. Please give me a little more detail. When did it fail? was it record 1 or record 5000. Now many on the list were successfully imported? What caused the failure?
Constant Contact Partner

I agree!

Campaign Collaborator
I removed contacts from a list but the Activity screen shows that I added contacts. Needs to be accurate.
Need complete listing of who causes add contact errors so CRM system can be corrected
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