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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

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Please, Constant Contact, please return to telling us who we were not able to add to a list because they were unsubscribed. I had the number "431" in a bright red box in my Activity list. That's a lot of people! I have no idea who they are and why they failed. I import lists from my membership database and I used to be able to keep on top of my unsubs in my membership database. With the chaos you have introduced, I know longer know if I'm on top of the unsubs and I no longer know who I have to contact by mail. Please tell me when you will return these functions. I am
In the old version of Contacts, when I uploaded a list I was able to see who was rejected because they were on my unsubscribed list. Now it just tells me the number but not who they are.
these parents EXPECT program information from us but because you will not let me know WHO the individuals are who have opted out from a particular new list - I now cannot reach out to them individually to give them the program information!
Why doesn't contact activity show all activity like it used to? The last 7 days is worthless to me if I haven't done a major import in a month or more. I need to know when I last did a big import and now I have no way of finding that data....
We work with many elderly sisters and folks who are not very tech savvy. They forward our emails on to other people, and sometimes that person presses unsubscribe (which then unsubscribes the initial recipient). We then get complaints that they are not receiving our emails, but have no way to check who is unsubscribed when we upload a new list.
You've made it TERRIBLY difficult to determine which specific contacts have unsubscribed and therefore cannot be sent emails through contact contact. How do you expect people to update lists or contact those individuals if we can't even figure out who they are? If I'm missing the easy way to see this, please let me know.
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On the Contacts - Activity - Recent Imports ... I need to see what list I imported INTO. I only see what list I imported FROM. This was available before.
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I need the ablity to view the previously unsubscribed emails in the activity tab.  In the old system, I could click the activity line item and I could see a list of who was previously opted out from that particular upload.  


Now, the only thing I get is a red box with the number of emails that had issues or were opted out.  This isn't useful and I demand that the old functionality be returned! We are considering moving away from Constant Contact because of this.

We have members that do not renew their membership and thus unsubscribe from our weekly newsletter. A year or two passes and they renew their membership. I add them to our weekly newsletter list. In the past, if they had unsubscribed, I received a notification and could email with my gmail account to let them know how to go to our website to resubscribe. With your new system, I am unable to do this. I just receive a notice that 4 names were not added. Please reinstate the notification of unsubscribed names feature so I can better serve my members. Thank you. Christine Betts, Membership Assistant
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I need you to add back the feature that when I import a list it gives me the unsubscribe contact information on the activity report from a list import.


I run a sports league and when a person unsubscribes but then comes back to my leagues at a later date I used to look at the unsubscribe information to let me know if I needed to send an email with the resubscribe instructions. This gave me the ability to communicate with my registrants about the upcoming season.


Please add the feature back so I can run my business properly.



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