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See who is Unsubscribed

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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

I added 28 new emails to an existing list of 140. After they imported, I saw that it say "added 20, updated 8." I would have preferred that it ask me or show me the ones it wanted to update so that I may have selected which one to keep and which one to not update.
Hi, when I add contacts from a file, a red square appears saying 10 contacts have unsubscribed, so i can't add them into my email lists. Where do I go to see this list of email addresses which are unsubscribed?
Before this recent change we were able to view who we couldn't add to a new list because they had previously unsubscribed. This was helpful when people asked why they didn't get notified of a new promotion they qualified for. Is there something I am missing as to where to look for this information? Thanks.

I often have people who have unsubscribed for whatever reason, only to sign up anew at our restaurant. These people obviously wish to be back on our list, as this is the only tool I use for advertising and promotions. Since your last change, I no longer have access to their e-mails. Previously I sent them an e-mail, explaining the virtue of you protecting their privacy, and directing them to my web-site if they wished to re-subscribe. I need a legitimate way to advise them of such, and I think it should be incumbent on your part to allow our customers what they want, without giving me carte blanche too add them back. Making them go through the website is legitimate and covers your requirements. Please advise. **Removed By Moderator**

It would be helpful if the contacts that have unsubscribed were shown in a different color or on a different colored field.
Campaign Contributor
please bring back the e-mail address checker!!!!!
need to see who wasnt added due to them unsubscribing in the past when importing new lists
Message displayed that 2 contacts couldn't be imported because they had unsubscribed. How can I tell which 2 they were without doing a direct name-by-name comparison to my original upload list?
it would be helpful if on the activity tab, it showed who did the activity, eg deletions, or loading or if someone on your backend did something
Campaign Expert
When I imported an Excel list of contact emails, I got a message saying that the import had 2 errors — 2 contacts had been unsubscribed and could not be added. Without knowing which two of the contacts they are, I cannot contact them to ask if they had unsubscribed mistakenly. Is it possible to get that information?
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