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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

It would be fantastic if the little box indicating the # of unsubscribed contacts on the particular list would link to a quick list of the actual contacts of that list who were the ones to unsubscribe.
I called customer support and learned that there is no way of seeing a list of unsubscribed emails that are in a list imported into Contacts. I had just imported 600+ contacts and was informed that 25 of them could not be added to a list because those emails had been previously unsubscribed. It would be very useful to introduce a feature that allows the user to see just which those email are.
If possible, it would be nice to see the break down of the contacts uploaded from a .csv file. For example, I just uploaded 124 contacts. Constant Contact only tells me that 123 contacts were uploaded, 35 were new and 88 were updated. So I would like to know which 1 contact was not uploaded, which 35 contacts were added new, and which 88 were updated. This would really help manage our contacts since all of contacts are coming from our store POS system.
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I agree, particularly about the unaccepted contacts.  We religiously update our database from reports of unsubscribes yet there are always ones that are either missed or unreported.  Currently we would have to compare years of unsubscribes against a database of 5000+ names to figure out which ones were not noted.


In the activity report, there is a number in red of the unsubscribes that weren't added to the list.  If we could click on that red number and see who they are it would be most helpful.

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I agree--we used to be able to do this. Removing this feature was a big DOWNGRADE.

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I would like to be able to see who the individuals did not import from my list because they are unsubscribed. So that I can be aware of who did not receive my emails. I'm sure this feature used to be available, can it be reinstated? Allison Keown TESL Ontario
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When you changed your contact mgmt a year or so ago, you took away the ability to see WHO I couldn't add to a list because they were unsubscribed. Now, we simply see a red flag that says, for example: 3. I use Constant Contact to provide to provide my members with things they've asked for. When I can't email them because they're unsub'd, I'm failing them. I need to be able to email them from my personal email account, to make good on our promise to them. I have found a way to find out who those 3 are. But it's inefficient and takes time. Why did you take that capability away and can we have it back? Thanks, Susannah Michaels
why won't it tell me which ones couldn't be added?
What happened to the export option for the activity log to see errors of recent imports? I would like to know what they were!
I got a message on the screen stating that 3 contacts were added, one was updated and on could not be added to the selected list or lists. My question: How do I find out which one could not be added and why?
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