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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

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How can you find out WHICH email addresses were unsubscribed? I just see a red number that indicates the number of flagged as unsubscribed but there no way to get to the actual address.
Be able to view unsubscribes on Activity Report
When I upload a new email list I can see a little red bubble that tells me how many contacts on that list have unsubscribed. But I'd like to be able to download those contacts so that I can take that info back to my original database, and remove the email addresses from those customers' files. That way I won't keep trying to email them, but will market to them by snail mail instead. Thanks!
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You give me a bright orange rectangle with a number in it. Why can't I click on it and see the list of who unsubscribed? I keep up with ALL my unsubscribeds and I don't see why there are 209 reported on today's import. I have mostly college students who sometimes unsubscribe at the end of the school year in May, then come in an sign up again in September. I am afraid that once they unsubscribe, you are not allowing them back in when they choose to join up again. If I could see a list of the unsubscribes, along with the date they dropped out, I could probably figure this out.
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I had this chat this morning with Robin (who was, like all of your people, great to deal with; no complaints about courtesy and service!!). Please read and then let me know how the removal of these three functionalities from Constant Contact makes the product better and my work easier. I would really like to know. Here is the chat: Robin F: Welcome to Constant Contact support. My name is Robin. One moment while I review your request. Robin F: Hi Matt! I can definitely help you with this. What kinds of questions do you have about merging lists and suppression lists? You: Okay, pretty straightfoward: the first is about merging. In the past, this was a very simple procedure-- you selected "Merge Lists"... you came to a screen where you had all your lists on the left and target lists on the right. You checked off the lists you wanted to merge together on the left. You checked off the one list you wanted to merge those to on the right. You clicked "Merge". Done. I don't see how to do that now. Robin F: I am so sorry, we did change this. Now, you can go to the list you want to merge, check the box to select all of the contacts, then click on Add to Lists at the top. This will merge those contacts into the list you choose. You: So if I have ten lists I'm trying to merge together, say, I have to go through that individual process 10 times? Robin F: Yes. I am so sorry! If you go down to the bottom of any page in Constant Contact, there is a Feedback link to send feedback to our developers if you wish to have them add this back in the future. You: Okay-- next question is about suppressing addresses. Often we do promotions where we like to remove anyone who bought the product in the last week before we do a followup e-mail... just so that we don't hassle them unnecessarily. Robin F: That makes sense! Some users do this... if you "tag" the contacts who have not purchased yet, you can narrow down sending your email to only the ones with the tag. This link explains exactly how tags work - Robin F: Other users temporarily remove them from their lists, but you would have to do a temporary hold for each contact, so it could take considerable time, especially if you had a lot of people who purchased your product. You: Originally, you could go to your list, click "remove contacts" and then have the option to upload a spreadsheet of names and e-mail addresses that you didn't want to send to... the system would remove those particular names from the list you were working with. Can that still be done? Robin F: Oh, that process was removed as well. You: I remembered one other question-- regarding unsubscribes. A big portion of our lists are members of our clubs. These people expect to receive newsletters and updates from us, but they periodically, inadvertently, unsubscribe themselves. Sometimes they think they are only opting out of getting promotional e-mails, but will still get the club updates... sometimes it's nothing more than a mistake. When I upload a refreshed membership list, the system will tell me, "Could not add 25 contacts because they have unsubscribed." Sorry to keep saying "in the past", but... in the past, you could then click the link and see who those unsubscribes were. Then we could contact them individually and say, "Do you really want to be unsubscribed? Or do you expect to still receive updates?" Now, it seems, I get told how many unsubscribed, but not who. Is there a way to see who those people are without doing an upload/download and cross referencing lists manually? Robin F: Ahh, yes. Now you can go to Contacts and click on Unsubcribes an export them, but be sure to include the Date Updated in the export. That way you can see who the opt-outs are and when they opted out. Robin F: Under Contacts > Activity, when it says it could not add some contacts because they were previously opted out, it is no longer clickable to see who they are. Robin F: Here is how to get people added back if they accidentally opt-out - You: But does that export grab every unsubscribe in the history of the account? Or is there a way to see who your unsubscribes were on a particular list after the upload has happened? Robin F: It does get all of the opt-outs, and with 21,000+ this will take about 10 minutes to export. And no, sorry, you cannot see that data any longer :frown: You: So if I have a list of 21,000 unsubscribes over the last 8 years... and a list of 200 members that I just uploaded... my only option is download a list of 21,000 people and then do 200 individual name searches on the list to see who has unsubscribed. Robin F: Basically yes. But, if you export the Date Updated, then you can sort in Excel by that column Newest to Oldest, so the most recent ones will be at the top. You: It's entirely possible that someone unsubscribed last summer and we're only catching it now. So the sorting option will KIND OF work, but only marginally. You: Okay... at least I know to stop beating my head against the wall to do these things-- I'm not missing anything, the functionalities are simply not there any more. I'll save the chat and submit it as my feedback... we'll see where it goes from there, I guess. Thanks for all the time, though, Robin. I appreciate it! You: Have a good day!

We've created a new list. We've uploaded addressed from an Excel spreadsheet. When upload is complete a message is received saying one address could not be added as they had previously unsubscribed. In order to update our accounts, manage our subscribers and build strong relationships we NEED to know who you've identified!!!
each mail list that we use. I lmix mail lists and sometimes email selected single mails lists. You show us the emails in that list that need fixing, which is great. but I need to know which in that list need to be taken off. Because I add a new updated list everytime I email so Please add this to your wonderful service
I just imported 1552 contacts - 77 new, 1475 updated. there was also a red box with the number 66 in it. Clicking on that box tells me that 66 of my addresses were unsubscribed and could not be added. I would like a report listing those addresses so that I can bring the data back to my database. I have asked support for this in the past and was told the program doesn't have that functionality. I would appreciate it if you developed this functionality, and I believe other customers would use it as well.
I would like to know who the unsubscribed contacts are when I unload contacts, so the process in made simple, thank you, Leanne

I just spent a lot of time trying to figure this out. I needed to know which 4 of 80+ members couldn't be added so I can contact them directly for their lunch invitation at our upcoming conference. I tried four different things to try to figure out those four - no luck!

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