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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

It is very frustrating when you load your contacts and it shows you have 29 they have unsubscribed but you can't see who they are to correct your CRM status.
When adding contacts, it would help to be able to download a list of those who could not be entered due to opt out or unsubscribed. That way we could mark internal records.
When I add names and continue, it tells me "import complete".1 name was added, 1 name was updated. Which is which? Why should I have to search and go thru another step?
Hi, We just imported a contact list to your database. We saw that there are 10 unsubscribes unable to be added. We would like to know any way we can see the unsubscribes? Your prompt reply is appreciated. Julie
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feature was available at one it's not...rather i've been told to do comparisons, which is extremely time consuming when adding/updating 6500 e-mail addresses with 800 "issues" (unsubscribes).
Would really like to see which contacts were not imported so that I can update our database and remove them from the next upload. This used to work where we could see which ones were not uploaded. Please allow a report to see this again.
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Hi, When I add a list of registrants to a seminar, sometimes the email cannot be added because the person previously unsubscribed. I will get the message but the person whose email could not be added to the new list is not identified. It is impossible to find out who this person is without comparing our list with the new list. It would help us if the email that could not be added is identified in the Activity report. Thank you. Katarina Onuschak IMEDA
When I add email addresses to a list and then I get a notification that 1 or 2 or 5 or 10 people can't be added because they have unsubscribed, YOU REALLY NEED TO SHOW WHO THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE UNSUBSCRIBED ARE!!!! I apologize for the yelling, but it's really frustrating because when I add a large list of customers, and then I have to go back manually 1, by 1, and cross check against my own list so I can phone them and provide them with the information they need that they would have received in their email. This is a HUGE waste of my time, and having this functionality would be greatly appreciated.
When I uploaded a list of contacts to Constant Contact, it told me a certain number of them were already on file and had "unsubscribed". I just chatted with Support and they said there is no report that will tell me who those people are. I will have to manually compare the list I uploaded with the list in Constant Contact.
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After uploading a list, the tool tells us that some people were not uploaded because they unsubscribed. It would be so helpful to know who those individuals were. Is there someway the team would consider listing who the individuals were, maybe when hovering over the red square with the number of unsubscribes in the Activity page? Thank you!
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