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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

when uploading my new list, there are unsubscribes. I cannot see the unsubscribes as I could before with the older version, and need to see those that are new unsubscribes. also, I don't understand why there are unsubscribes, as I remove people from our dbase as I receive the unsubscribe notices from CC.
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On my latest import, there were two issues. The issues were described by Constant Contact in general terms, but no specifics so I could go back to my database and fix the problem. You used to provide information I could use to keep the problem from happening again. And now you make me go to the public forum to see if I can get an answer? This is wasting my already-limited time. Discouraged in Phoenix.
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Issue - report tells me a contact was not added because unsubscribed...please tell me who it is so I can remove from my data.

Vote?  Why do we need to vote?  This is common sense list management.  CC is NOT my database.  I need to update the source data.  And, if someone who unsubscribes is a volunteer, I also need to be able to contact that person to find out how they WANT to receive important information related to their assignment.  We try to keep the lists clean and update after each send but we are by no means perfect at this.

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When I add new contacts, I see the little red square that tells me how many contacts did not import. Why can't I actually SEE those contacts somewhere? Then I go to reports hoping to find them there - they are not. This tab is absolutely useless to us. Please bring back old site where we could see list of bounces, opt outs, etc all listed in one spot and easy to click on to see specific contact info.
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I used to be able to see the list of names of those not imported to CC -- I can't seem to do this any more which is a real negative.
PLEASE re-instate the feature where, after we upload a list of emails, we can see and download all those in the list that were un-subscribed. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. We are a school, where parents often 'un-subscribe' when a child leaves, only to have another child come and want to receive emails again. They've forgotten they un-subscribed years earlier. To go through a list of 500 emails we uploaded and compare that to a list of 600 unsubscribed emails to find these un-subscribed parents in NOT a solution. PLEASE re-instate the feature where we can download a list of un-subscribes that were in a list we uploaded.
When adding contacts you will get an error that there are "X" number is "issues" with the contacts that you are adding but there is no link to the contacts so that you can finally correct the "issues"
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i'm with everyone else. this is a horrible "upgrade". I no longer have the options i used to have. I feel like you have made it so "fool" proof that only fools are able to use it now. so far, just today i have been completely frustrated by at least 3 changes you have made. Here, i have uploaded a list of people from my POS system. You say that 24 have opted out of email, but you won't tell me WHICH 24. Those people, we take their email out of our pos system and next time they are in, ask them if they would like to add a new address. 9 times out of 10, they don't even realize that they have opted out. the 10th person has changed email addresses and forgot to sign back up. so you are only screwing yourself since the invoicing is based on number of people in the system. those 24 are no longer in your system and i can't personally ask them if they want to be added back! i've already moved one of my mailing lists off of your system b/c your company does NOT get it and way overcharged me for something, offered a lame refund, which i never received and your program is SO annoyingly buggy and now with your recent "upgrades" i cannot WAIT to get my other list away from you!
When you changed over to the new platform, you left off the instantaneous reporting of showing the users that opted out. It's great that the activity tells you 1 user opted out and your message was not delivered to them, but this is not working for us, and I am losing money because of the changes you made. Please correct your system to bring this feature back. The code is already created on the last version. I also hate adding contacts by file, you could add 100 contacts at a time and see the email addresses of opt you went along. Bring the feature back. I am now forced to cancel this account and bring back a new one while you guys figure it out. I thought about mail chimp and Vertical response. Mail Chimp's pricing beats vertical response, but I hate that mail chimp allows your users to know the name of your list. So we are doing the new Constant Contact account.
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