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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

I used to be able to see which users weren't added during a list upload because they opted out. This was really helpful on my end for accurate record keeping for those that may slip through. Thank you for your help. Luke Santoro Tilton School Admissions
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This feature is broken in so many ways and I hate it compared to how it used to work. 1. The upload identifys a certain number of emails couldn't be uploaded because they had unsubscribed. I just did one that said 9 emails couldn't be uploaded. However, when I went through the AWFUL process of downloading the entire unsubscribe list and then having to do a VLOOKUP match in excell to figure out which ones might not have uploaded. There were only 3 on my list that had problems. can we manage lists if a) The numbers aren't accurate b) The process to idenfity the problems requires a multistep process. YOU ARE SIGNIFICANTLY IMPACTING PRODUCTIVITY DUE TO THESE CRAZY WORK AROUNDS. Please get this fixed!
I was previously able to see which contacts could NOT be added after a upload... this is no longer possible. Please could you return this option to the software. Thanks Lucy Coker
This new System Is horrible. the old way was much easier
Hi With the old interface, you could export the contacts that have unsubscribed from your list each time you uploaded new contact data. This was really useful for cleaning my original data with each upload. However this is not possible for some reason. Could you have this feature readded? Thanks KH
With the old layout, it was easy to see all the info I needed at a glance or two. Now updating is clumsy, I can't find key info like Title, and half the screen is taken up with a list of what emails were sent and opened that I only need occasionally. Is it possible for me to customize the view to have the first screen for each contact show the info I use most often?
Also would like to see/know who in ALL, is on hold & needs to be placed on an email list.
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In the past after adding emails I could see the details on any errors. My latest upload indicates that I have 8 errors due to Opt-Outs but I cannot see who these are? In the prior release I could see this. This is a MAJOR STEP backward. In fact so many of the latest updates have negatively impacted the use of this site
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When adding a contact list, it would be very helpful if Constant Contact provided a list of the contacts NOT added because they had previously unsubscribed or opted out of getting emails from our company. We used to get that with the old contact management system, and it was extremely helpful.
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It would be very helpful to provide some sort of visual cue that a particular contact is "unsubscribed", so that if, for example, we look at the contacts for a certain organization (we are B2B), we can see at a glance which contacts are unsubscribed. Perhaps their contact info can be in red, visible when shown in the list of matches for the organization, or their status can be in red, for example when we select a specific contact to review their past activity. Alternatively, a yellow highlight on their name field would be a good option, or some other way of flagging them so that they're easy to see right off the bat. Thanks.
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