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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

I get a pop up box telling me that I have invalid email addresses, but I don't know where to find them.;
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More steps involved... and when I got to add a group of contacts to a list you give me the message that some could not be added but no longer do you show me a way to find which ones or why...
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I need longer activity history, that shows what the file name is, and dates back to the last 6 months. When will this be possible to access?
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The ability to see when and who unsubscribed a contact is vital to our messaging through Constant Contac (CC)t. We send messages to our 5,000+ members regularly. When CC did some redesign a few months back, they eliminated the ability to click on an individual "unsubscribed" person's name to see what date and by whom the person was unsubscribed. This is a problem - our members frequently call and insist they didn't unsubscribe themselves. I routinely used the report showing when and who unsubscribed them (always themselves) to prove that I could not resubscribe them due to privacy laws; I then furnished them with resubscribe procedures. I have way now to show these contacts that they unsubscribed themselves and am getting blasted by people insisting that we (the association sending the messages) unsubscribed them (the individual) just for funsies, I guess.
I created a small contact list of 32 emails. 1 email was not added because they previously unsubscribed from another list. It's easy for me to find out which email when the list 30+ in size, but if the list is much larger (like 1000+), how can I find out who was not added? I can't seem to find the actual email address in "activity" or "reports".
Please add back the feature to the activity panel that tells me what emails could not be added b/c the individual opted out. Aside from comparing my opt out list to my imported list, there is no way for me to easily identify these opt outs.
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Since there's no way to adequately deal with lists inside CC, at the very least, have the email's title attached to the exported lists.
I just loaded a new list and there used to be a window that showed the email addresses that were not loaded because of an error or being unsubscribed. That was very helpful. I see a number in the red square, but don't see how to get a list of the emails that were on the list and unsubscribed.
My membership changes regularly and in large numbers. Additionally, some members are on multiple lists. On the old system, I removed an entire list "just from the list." My understanding is that in the past any that weren't added back to the list moved to a remove list that didn't count against my active contacts. In the new system, I now have actives who are not associated with a list but still count against my active contact number. This is a problem because these contacts are no longer our members and we will not be sending to them in the future. We have around 13,000 contacts and a large amount of change in our membership. I need an easy way to delete these active contacts that are not assigned to a list. An unassigned list or the ability to search for unassigned contacts would both work. Thank you.
Can't really tell which ones didn't get uploaded.
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