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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

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Recently you guys have removed the contact information on unsubscribing customers. With our business about 20% of those folk due this inadvertently as they want "information" emails not "marketing" emails. Unfortunately, in order to get information emails they have to stay subscribed to all. Now that you've removed the ability to follow up with them and re-subscribe, we can no longer do this and this affects our ability to communicated effectively to the customer.

How can I get this information?
We take a list of contacts from our line-of-business (LOB) software and export that to Excel and import the Excel list into CC on a monthly basis. We have about 113 contacts that are currently unsubscribed from our list, but still in our LOB software. We need to get our contacts updated locally, in the software.
When exporting, on your activity page can you please list the name of the export file waiting to download. There is no way to decipher which file is which. Also, I've had big delays trying to export files today, I was told your Server is backed up and could take up to an hour which means I cannot complete my work today since I leave in 1/2 hour and nothing has downloaded yet. Thank you.

In order for us to run our business properly, we need you to include the unsubscribe's contact information on the activity report when we import a list. Otherwise, we have no way of knowing who unsubscribed from our emails, and we have no way to communicate with them. We have a lot of people who unsubscribe without knowing it, and then they never get information about their current season. We need to be able to identify these peope so they can opt back in and receive season info.

I set up a new list and imported a file from my computer. The activity report told me 10 of the contacts were not added to the list because they had unsubscribed. Is there any way to find out which contacts the 10 were? We're a church and when we want to send an email to a specific group of people but then discover out of the 250 or so - 10 did not receive the email, we need to contact them in an alternate way.

We want the function back: To include the unsubscribe's contact information on the activity report when importing a list in order to run my business properly.

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when I import a list, I get an error message that certain contact could not be uploaded because they opted out .I would like to know who they are. You used to be able to do that and now you can not
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After importing a contact list, I used to be able to see the list of email addresses of those who had opted out of receiving emails from us. I can no longer do that and have to manually export the contact list and compare it to my original list. This is very cumbersome and time consuming. Please add that feature back in. Some of our clients do opt out of receiving general emails from us, but we also have used CC to do some non-marketing emails and so for those who opt out of receiving CC emails, we send a personal note to and having that list readily available is much appreciated.
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Just telling me one email had an issue & wasn't imported into the list does not help me unless you tell me which email didn't import so I can investigate why. Can you guys fix that?
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