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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

I don't see a way to find out which e-mail addresses were not supposed to be on the list. I get a message that 4 contacts were unsubscribed, but I don't know who they were so I can correct future lists! Hate this new interfact, it is so unintuitive.
how do you find out who cancel or undiscribed.
I would like lists in the main screen, not on the left. This layout is less workable, more difficult and time-consuming.
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Hi there, Just wanted to ask about an issue. I used to be able to import a list into Constant Contact, and when it was complete go to the Activity screen, look at the import job, and click on the number of errors (folks that "error out" when I'm importing a list into Constant Contact because they've previously unsubscribed) and it would give me a list of those names and emails, so I could then go back to my database and make sure we code them appropriately. And since you changed the contact management stuff, I can't do that anymore. I can see the number of errors, but no way to get those names/emails anymore. This was my double-check on catching unsubscribes (we do use the weekly updated subscriber notice report, but clearly miss a few here and there if names are erroring out when we load a list), I know I can export the contacts in a list, which I suppose could be compared with the list that we tried to import. But that's a whole lot of rigamarole to find the errors, which you clearly know who they are and used to be able to easily give me. It's a real loss of important functionality. Is there a plan to restore that functionality? Thanks.
There is no apparent way to drill down to unsubscribed names so I can remove them from my POS database.
How to I find out exports or imports for greater than a 7 day period
When adding contacts from a file, there can be an error and the contact will not be accepted. However, with the new update you get no indication as to which contact was in error.
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It takes forever to upload large .csv files. NEVER had this problem before. Some .csv files are NOT recognized so I need to save as .xls and then upload. TRIAL & ERROR. If the .xls file is larger that 1 MB - it must be broken apart and uploaded as 2 separate files. LAME! When a file is uploaded, I can't see the details of the errors of the contacts - specifically unsubscribed contacts. This feature helped us clean up our MAIN customer database which is outside of Constant Contact. RIDICULOUS that this feature is gone.
Hi, I am using the new version of adding contacts. In the past I could add 20 at a time and in the new version I was able to keep going - which was great but after I hit submit I received the following message: Import complete. There were 56 new contacts added, 12 updated, and 5 that could not be added. (Added Nov 8,/ acct is paulusorchards) In the past there was a link I could click to see who they were. There is no longer a link. I phoned customer support and the very nice lady tried for 15 minutes to see if she could see who they are but she was not able to do so either. The emails are from customers who have recently visited our business and personally gave us their address to start receiving our newsletters again. I would like to send them a short note explaining that I am not able to add them back; but that they are able to join again if they sign up directly from my web page, I'm not able to do this now so I'm missing out on a chance to reconnect with these people if I don't know who they are. Please help. Thank you. Karen Paulus Paulus Orchards
I usually pull reports monthly, and a 7-day activity list doesn't help. loss of functionality with new GUI - there's no way to identify those emails not added to a list. It will tell you how many (red box) but not the specific email to allow for clean-up. Thanks
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