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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

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I'd like to have access to the activity in Contact management for more than 7 days...

why can't we just see what emails could not be imported when we add contacts? Why must we download a full list? Your new system has made it harder to eliminate the bad emails.

When adding multiple contacts, either names and emails or just emails, the resulting message states that one or more contacts could not be added to the selected list. There doesn't seem to be a way, as there was in the previous CC, to click on that message and see the rejected emali(s). Our having that ability to do that allowed us to write to those patrons and encourage them to resubscribe, which some of them did. Not sure why that feature was eliminated, but this serves as a request to please reinstate this item, as it would be greatly appreciated if you did so.
You use to show names that had opted out when entering names why did you get rid of that?
I do not like the changes that you implemented several months ago re: adding new contacts. Previously, if I uploaded contacts from a spread sheet, I would me notified of the contacts that could not be added because they were unsubscribed - now I just get the number of contacts unsubscribed - no details - I must go thru MANUALLY to find them - please fix !!! Thanks
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We used to see the details after an upload of contacts.... Name of the List is most important! Also, would like to see list of email addresses that have errors, so I can fix them in our database.
How do I check on the reasons for unsubscribed? I can find the notice under contacts that 10 people have unsubscribed, but where is the link to the information they provided as to reasons?
Hey! How about allowing the contact management page to have custom views? This way users can add custom fields and then see/sort by them. doesn't make much sense to have a custom field if we can't interact with it, right? :smileyface:
When uploading new lists there used to be a way to view who the opt-outs were. This feature seems to have been removed with the new update. As a non-profit it is very important to see who isn't receiving our mass emails so we may communicate with them personally. Is there any way to bring this feature back?
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When I enter a group of e-mails and one is not accepted, the reason is given but not which e-mail it was. It would be helpful if the incomplete or invalid e-mail was listed. Otherwise, it means double-checking a long list against the entire database.
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