Select more than one list on landing page

The "improved" landing page no longer allows for the selection of multiple lists.  This seems to be such a basic feature that I am surprised that it was taken away without an alternative being provided.  It will really limit the use of the landing page feature in our upcoming events.


Hello! I see that these posts are from years ago. Was this ever solved? Am I able to add a landing page for folks to opt in to multiple lists? Thanks!


If you have existing multi-line sign-up lists on on page you can find them under, "Sign-Up Forms" > then look at the 3 dots to the right of the "create sign up form" button and choosing "Legacy landing pages".


However, I need to create a series of new pages and I can't create any new pages of this type anymore. I'm very frustrated by the removal of this key feature. Bring it back please!!

Occasional Participant

Would also love a solution to this issue.

Regular Participant

It is really limiting not to be able to have multiple lists. Please find a solution. 


Since it's late 2023, has this issue been solved? I want to be able to add check off boxes for the different e-mail lists to join. I joined constant contact with the expectation to do this since I see older websites have this. 

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