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It's frustrating that I only have one welcome message. I'm running a campaign to download an e-book, but they won't get an immediate email with the download link. And I don't want everyone who signs up for my newsletter to get the e-book only a very specific list. Without this ability the Autoresponder feature is not fully built out.

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I'd like to see the ability to to send out an autoresponse immediately after a contact is added to a specific list, this email would essentially kick off the drip campaign right away. 


A workaround to this request is the "Welcome Email" funcationality, however the editing options are very poor in comparison to what's on offer in the email module. I guess this should be a seperate idea, but I would suggest that an upgrade is done to the editing options on the "welcome email" 



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Thank you for sharing this feedback!


Totally agree with Deah! We need to be able to respond immediately with the free PDF that we promised to them for signing up for our newsletter (or whatever.) I get emails from irate people saying that they didn't get the first 3 Chapters of my book. (AND that's because you don't send it out until 24 hours later. )




We are setting up a Free Report and using the scheduled Autoresponse system, however, the quickest response is 1 day after the person is entered into the list. This is not acceptable. The person requesting the Free Report wants it immediately, not in one day. Using this system has the possibility of us losing business and sales revenue because the customer is not able to receive the information immediately as requested and expected. Extremely disappointed in this and we will look at other email marketing programs to fulfill our business needs.

Thanks for posting this feedback!

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Hi, would like to get an autoresponder that goes to contacts immediately rather than 24 hours later. Is that in the works?
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Setting up an auto-responder (a.r.) as a way to send a gift (PDF file) to new clients signing up. BIG problem is that a.r. has a minimum responding time of 1 day.


That's unacceptable as my new clients, after signing up, will certainly wonder where is the PDF file. They will either "give up" on me thinking that I don't keep 'my promise' or email me and ask what's going? To which, of course, I have to respond to every email and tell them that my email service doesn't have the option of responding right and that they will get the file later. Again, looking very poorly on me.


The issue is simple to fix. In a.r., add an option to RESPOND NOW!!!


I called tech support and was told that MANY people are requesting this feature. So I REALLY don't understand why this is not implemented.


PLEASE fix this and thanks in advance...


I sell software online and want to use CC autorespond to handle my automatic email replies to people that sign up for a free trial of my software.  Is there a way to have it reply immediately?

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