Set Event Start and End Dates - Extend 90 day limit.

Now I see why my event closed after the first "date" instead of staying open until it's done in Oct. (I'm relieved a bit that this was not my fault)

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Need to be able to reopen events. Call an event planner for reasons why. *removed by moderator* Meeting planners have the frustration of handling the rescheduling events due to weather.


Hi Belinda,


Thank you for that suggestion. While we cannot reopen events after they close or complete at this time, you can still change the dates of a live event if you need to reschedule for any reason. To modify your event date, please click EventSpot tab > click on your Event Name > click Edit Event Basics. Once you save the changes, you will be asked if you want to send an email to your existing registrants and contacts to advise them of this change.


Hope this makes it easier for you to reschedule events until your requested feature is available.


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Hi - I am having this same problem.  An event was rescheduled and all I want to do is change the dates.  It's frustrating because the link to event is out there, and has been forwarded multiple times and now it looks like to event in cancelled completely.  It would be great if we could reopen events that were completed.

I have already published the URL in locations that cannot be updated (such as e-mailed invitations) so the fact that I must now copy and make a new event for this is a HUGE INCONVENIENCE and is going to block some folk from being able to register for my event... Although it might have been my mistake in the first place, there needs to be a "do over" somehow.

Hi @Diocese_of_Iowa 

Thanks for posting this feedback. You can only have an event run for 90 days (starting at the start date) but you are welcome to return to the event before the end date and make an update. For example, if you returned to the event mid-may, you would be able to update the end date of the event to mid-August.


You can set an event up to start anytime within the next 364 days.

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We have programs (events) which are series that last more than 90 days. Can we have a change so we can put the actual end date?
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I often need to create a program series in which registration can be made for all programs at one time. With the six month limitation I need to create two campaigns for the same series. If campaign registration could span across 12 months from creation date instead of six, it would be extremely helpful & less work for all involved.
The 90 day limit on event registration really limits customers to small, short-term events. I work for a college and plan events MONTHS in advance due to budget planning and logistics of attendees across the state. It would be a great product if we could extend registration to six months instead of three.
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