Set-Up of audio-videotape with the closed captions for the deaf like me

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While experimenting on the Constant Contact software, I have found out that any audio-videotape do lacks the closed captions (subtitles) in which the deaf Americans do depend heavily on their learning, and their understanding.  The U.S. federal law (ADA) do requires every business website to provide closed captions for any deaf people like me.   I am a free lance computer businessman - usually creates digital books in hope of selling for profits.  My sincere hope is that your staff can do something about it as soon as possible.  And if not, many deaf people like me will give up on Constant Contact and look for another email marketing program somewhere else.  Thanks!    

Status changed to: Open Questions

Thank you for the feedback @RoyP804,


Was there something in specific that you were watching that didn't have subtitles?  Was it one of our training videos?  I'm happy to share your feedback. 

In the meantime-- was there anything that we can  help you with?

Status changed to: Closed - No Action

Thanks again for your feedback. At this time we will be marking this as closed. Feel free to reach back out at any time if you have any further feedback.

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