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Hello, I am incredibly impressed with the level of service I have received form Constant Contact and tell folks all the time it is the best company I have ever worked with. However, that being said there is something I need or else I will be looking elsewhere for service(I HATE SAYING THAT). You need to include a column in the reports section that we can export. We need to be able to see the engagement level of our customers so we can order them from greatest to lease and vice versa. From a sales perspective this is a must. I can remove hundreds from my list that have never opened an e-mail or I can call the folks in person that have opened everything I have sent. Without this ability I am missing HUGE opportunities to know who is hot and who is cold. Please do this ASAP, I have been asking for 6 months and have seen nothing yet. I DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE CONSTANT CONTACT! Please!!

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Hi everyone, thank you for your patience as we looked into this! Because many of the requests made on this thread are currently available through contact engagement, so we are going to close this idea. Please feel free to continue voting and commenting on any of the other open ideas to let us know what you would like to see.

Rather than starting over, I'll send the chat I just had with Help: You: 1st: what does it mean when it says Sent? like he sent the email somewhere? Travis 😧 It should just have sent once per email as that would be when the email was actually sent to him. You: So Sent means "I Sent" but Opened means "Contact opened"? Travis 😧 Yep, exactly! You: Which i think is not clear on your part Travis 😧 Well I definitely apologize for that luckily however once you know its pretty easy to get going. You: If the subject of the verb is missing, it should be consistent You: So I get it now You: Pass it on to your programmers You: Second question: You: Used to be able to tell what he clicked on, now it seems not Travis 😧 Yes, it should actually tell you per contact in the engagement tab however you can also check to see who click on specific links from the reports page on the email tab. You: Not seeing it. You: There is nothing to click on where it says Clicked Travis 😧 If they haven't clicked any links then it you wouldn't be able to view it however you can always check that from the reports under email and it should allow you to see who has clicked on it. If it was just clicked though the system can take up to 2 hours to update the information depending on the speed of the receiving mail server and internet congestion. You: No, this was clicked a long time ago, but it doesn't say what he clicked on You: I don't want to have to go through the reports. I want to be able to see by contact what they clicked on Travis 😧 I definitely apologize but it doesn't look like that is currently available within the contact details currently. What we normally recommend doing for any updates you would like to see in the system however is use the blue feedback button in the bottom right of your screen. You: That's a step backwards then.
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how do I view which emails the contact opened?
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Just an addendum to my earlier post. 


I'm continuing to use these features, and instead of feeling more comfortable or understanding these changes, I'm just getting more frustrated with the lack of features that I used to have. Even gaining familiarity with the new changes is not doing anything to make these changes any easier to use. 


I feel that the layout of an individual's Contact information is extremely unsatisfying. The most important and largest section of date we use (the interactions by a single contact with all of the emails we send them, as explained in my post above) is confined to a small scrolling window on the right side of the screen. Meanwhile, the contact's name, phone, lists, etc, takes up the lions share of the screen. Why couldn't this be reversed. The layout reserves what should be the smallest block of info for the largest section, and delegated the largest block of info for an area so small it requires it's own inset scrolling window? What was the common sense in that?


With the large font size and inordinate amount of white spacing between fields, it reminds me of when you tell a student that they must turn in a three page typed report, and they attempt to fool you by using double space typing & larger margins in order to make what's really only a one page report into a three pager. That's the most apt description I can come up with, because I see absolutely no reason for the increased spacing and font sizes other than 'it looks good'. It doesn't, honestly, and is making our lives harder due to the reduced amount of reporting area. We want those numbers, reports, and lists available, and in a usable, fuctional, compact format. 


To add insult, today I got an emailed survey asking me what features I consider most important of the new changes. Why wasn't that survey sent before these changes were implemented? 


Totally agree - it used to be so easy to add new contacts to a specific list - ---- now it's ridiculously difficult - way to totally screw up something that was simple

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test since last time i spent time listing problems only to be told had to log in to submit when i was logged in.
The new engagement box is too busy and not helpful. Go back to a table showing numbers of opens, clicks, and forwards, and why an email didn't go through (non-existent email address, mailbox full, etc).
The new contact reporting system is very cumbersome. The old on ewas much better, you open a contact's history and you can immediately see what they've opened if they clicked on something multiple times if they opened something multiple times with the exact number shown, now you have to count it by hand and it's imossible to copy and paste these histories - makes data analysis very hard. Please change the email history look to what it was before.

I am disappointed that I no longer have the ability to check what and why an email bounced within the specific person's contact information page.  Instead I have to look at each sent email to see if that specific contact received the sent email. This makes no sense, and I sincerely hope this issue will be corrected immediately. 

On a contact page, I see their engagement. Wish I could see which link they clicked. I could see it before, but not anymore :( Love most of the other new features though!!!
I can't figure out how to read email history from my contact list
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