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When creating posts for Instagram I do not see the option to post videos, use multiple photos or the option to post to my story. Is this something that will be added (soon). I really like this feature and want to continue to use it. Also, will Linkedin be added? Would love to be able to post to all my social pages from one place.

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There are multiple requests for this thread:


1) The ability to post multiple images on Instagram via the Social Posts feature - This is Implemented. When the feature was initially developed, the Instagram API allowed for only 1 image to be included in posts. That limitation was lifted, and we were now able to expand the tool to post up to 10 images for Instagram posts which will show in a carousel. 


2) The ability to post videos on Instagram via the Social Posts feature - This is Under Consideration as we are seeing what would need to be done to support videos.


In the interest of simplicity going forward, since the multi-image support is now in product, we will now use this thread for requests and updates on video posting functionality.


As an aside, I believe Instagram still doesn't allow for Stories to be posted via the API so that is something we won't be able to implement at this time. Reels, however, do seem to be supported.


Yes we are attempting to use the social feature on Constant Contact. 


Thanks @johnl1258! We have merged your idea into a larger thread related to adding videos into social posts. 


I would love to see:

  • Story Posting to Instagram and Facebook
  • Multiple Image Posting on Instagram
  • Video Posting for Instagram and Facebook
  • Ability to post in Facebook Groups
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100% Agree, not being able to post multiple photos on Instagram in a carousel post is the one thing holding us back from using CC frequently. There are times where two images are needed for a post, so we sign in to Instagram ourselves and copy the other posts. Posting to the story and video posts are slightly less of a priority to me, but would also be helpful.

Would be great if we can add Reels and stories or videos to the social posts.
Would love a feature to directly post videos on Instagram!
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Since you're allowed to post up to 10 photos on Instagram can you please implement that feature for social campaigns?
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Hi @HeatherE163 what are some cases where you would want up to 10 photos on a social post?

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Facebook and Twitter have the options to post multiple photos, so if I wanted to create a social post that would be on all three forms of media then there would be less discrepancies between posts. Also follow up, why would there not be an occasion to post multiple photos on an Instagram social post? Since Instagram is a photo sharing app, it is much easier to display our products with features that would allow multiple posts. Having multiple photos on one social post allows for better organization and it is fitting with the current state of Instagram. Posting multiple pictures of one product on different posts is clunky and why not utilize the full features that Instagram has provided for it's users?


It would be great to be able to add video to social media posts, instead of just text and/or images.

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