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Sort Reporting By Column

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Perhaps at the top of each column, put a drop down to offer other options. For example: at the top of the link clicked, one option might be to sort the links, the name column might offer alphabetical or by name etc.


When I get my reports I would like the ability to have the Last name, First, and Email address listed in this order for my Medical practice. Ex: unsubscribed list currently list the email first and that does not work for me. Please call me to confirm or email me back my user name is and my email address is please send me a confirmation number. Thank You Frank Senia owner

It would be helpful if it would display in alphabetical order by last name, so it can be edited.
Can you add a button so that you can put in order by the numbers of pages that have been clicked to? Most clicked pages to least clicked to pages.
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Hi @GregL36 where on your reporting page would you expect to see this option? What steps would you expect to take in order to sort your clicks like this? Would you only want to sort based on the amount of clicks or also by alphabetical order?


Reply from @GregL36 

I was looking at the report of my latest newsletter sent this week.

I have set up many links in our real estate email and I wanted to be able to see in a numerical order which pages the newsletter recipient is clicking.

This is from the Email statistics report page.


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Hi @GregL36 thanks for following up with these examples. We are opening this feature request up so other users can weigh in on this idea as well.

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I would like to be able to sort the list by first or last name. It comes up by email address, and that doesn't help when I'm looking to see who didn't open the email. Also, I'd like to know where the clicks went. I don't know by the URL where they looked. I have to click the URL to see. It's very time consuming and clumsy. Thanks. Kay Richards

Hi @Phyllis4185 how does our Links reporting not fit your needs to view clicks by URL?


reporting-clicked-dropdown-links (4).png


As for the ability to sort your reporting, this is feedback we are tracking. So I have merged your post into a larger thread for this same request.

We would like to sort subdivisions. For instance, Did Not Respond sorted by email address.
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Working with membership as a nonprofit, I try very hard to keep up with our membership and I am constantly working with the valuable statistical lists provided as to our emails.  


One thing I wish you all could do to help me, and I am sure others, in keeping their lists current and that is have the ability to click at the top of a column in one of the reports and it would sort alphabetically.  


If we had that feature it would make life easier in updating email addresses, dropping folks off, and analyzing the data in our lists to help keep everything current.



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