Spam Reports - Impossible to Avoid

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It seems people are reporting our emails sent via Constant Contact as "spam" in order to trigger unreasonable compliance policies.  Email recipients could simply unsubscribe from lists rather than hit the "abuse" or "spam" button and any unsolicited comm issue would be handled. It SEEMS however that covert censorship -- not by Constant Contact but by Internet watch dogs -- is taking place in the name of policing "spam." When 1 in 1000 emails is triggers "Spam Report," it makes it impossible to "comply" -- even with opt-in lists, such as the kind we have at I think CC should change their policies and disconnect with the "reputation police" that are making it onerous for them to grow, just as these suppressive policies are making it onerous for Matrix Entertainment to grow. .


Hi @JamesJ044


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us. While we're always open to ways we can better our user's experience, it's important we point out these policies are tied to getting emails delivered to the inbox and maintaining sender reputation. In fact here is an article from our Help Center that goes over spam and what to do if someone reports you for sending spam. If you have any further questions please give a call into our Account Review department, one of these agents can help find the answer you may need.

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