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I have found this program very intuitive to use HOWEVER having no spellcheck is a big inconvenience. It would make a huge difference to my experience if it were reintroduced.

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Hi everyone. At this time we do not plan to add a built-in spell check to our cross-device editor. You can use your browser's spellcheck option or a 3rd party plugin. Please see this article to turn on your browser's spell check function.

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I'm a new user and so far, Constant Contact has been a good experience. However, it is missing a spell checker for an entire document. I know there's spell check in each block. But having one last spell check step before scheduling a mailing would help save folks like me from an embarrassing and obvious misspelling. thank you. Luis F. Perez


Thanks Luis! At this time the spell check is only used one block at a time but I undestand how this would be helpful to complete all at once. 

Every week that I use Constant Contact I come across problems. What was once the most robust online mailing software out there has now been hit with more problems and let downs than I can count. I’ve converted my clients to Constant Contact and touted your superiority, spending their money, only to be let down again and again. Now, In producing a newsletter for a nonprofit, I get this message below when I try to check spelling: This Spell Check feature will be removed from our products within the next month. We recommend using the spell check feature built into your browser. The browser spell check feature is a robust, consistent experience that can be used with any online software. Questions or concerns, please let us know: constantcontact.com/resource-center. Can you tell me what this means? What “browser” am I supposed to use if I’m on a Mac? When i did a search all I get are horrible sites that just lead me through their ads of getting a GED. Come on constant contact, fix your stuff. Also, I have had an open “case file” with you guys since April 11th…..I tried to conduct a Facebook campaign and nothing on your end worked…..it made me look bad, you look bad and still CC has never fixed the problems on my client’s page. What the hell?????

Hello @abrighterworldinc


It looks like the browser you may be using is Firefox.  This has a built in Dictionary and will spell check text that take up more than 1 line.  If you are not seeing red underlined text that you know to be misspelled in Firefox, then I would suggest consulting Firefox's help menu.  There are some circumstances where a dictionary might not have been installed with your browser, so it would need to be done manually to use the browser's spell check.  There is also the option of using an add on or extension for spell check purposes.  


In regards to the Case that you have open, I could not find an open case from April in the account you posted under.  Could this be under another account?  If you know the account that it is under you can login to that account and update the Case with a Comment asking for more information.  If you are not familiar with how to do that you can login to the account and click help.  Then down the right side of the page click to Review my support history.  From there you can search your open cases and add a new comment.  


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I have had an open case file for 7! Years. Complete runaround.....they cannot fix it, so they are abandoning it. Not very open or honest.
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I just sent out an email to 800+ contacts tonight and did not catch a typo on the subject line. I wish there were spellcheck. For all the time and money spent on this service and this day and age, I would expect there to be a spellcheck feature.

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Why is there not a spell check option when sending a texted based email? Seems like a glaring mistake from a mass marketing tool. Also seems like a great step between, preview and send. Please implement and soon or I'll be looking for another option for our provider.

I had to send out a message which asked respondents to pay by "check". In Canada the correct spelling is "cheque", but there was no way for me or the amazing customer service people to change that. Please make it possible to choose alternative spelling in the automaticly presented portions of the messages.


HELP!!  PLEASE INCLUDE A SPELL CHECK!!  THis is essential to the communications of our organization.  No one can believe you don't have spell check.  Please make this happen.  It is a priority for your customers!!

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